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Guys, When you play with only three defenders it requires wingers with extreme stamina. A winger usually has to be offensive, but with 3-5-2 their main target will be to stop opponents wingers.

Svennis, you had a midfield with, Conceicao, Fiore, Simeone, Veron, Nedved. It is a great midfied, but a midfield that won't stand playin 3-5-2. It will be crushed. 3-5-2 could actually be a more defensive formation than 4-4-2. 3-5-2 is closer to 5-3-2, as the wingers almost always becomes defenders.

In my opinion, that is.

With guys like Conceicao and Overmars (I know he wasent mentioned) as wingers there is no way we can play 3-5-2. If we are to play 3-5-2, I would like to se this.


In my eyes that would be the best formation to play if we would play 3-5-2. I don't reallt prefer us to play in that way but...IF....we would.

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Why not playing 4-3-3?
The wingers can be set in the front and dont heve to defend anymore.

My dreamteam is this:

Conceicao(or siemeone)-Veron-Nedved
Lopez - Inzaghi - Overmars

I want to see Lazio attack. The best defence is the offense.
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