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An offer has finally been made for Savo Milosevic by Parma. An emissary flew to Saragosa to meet club president Alfonso Solans and made an offer for 50 million DM for the Yugoslav striker. Barcelona and Real Madrid have their own problems with presidential elections, so Savo might as well continue his career in Italy. This is not to his taste, as he mentioned several times he would prefer to remain in Spain. However, he will have time to think about this offer as he's spending the weekend with his parents in the Republic of Srpska.

Parma is also keen on having Marcelo Salas in their ranks. An emissary from Lazio flew to Chile in order to meet Salas and convince him to move to Parma, but the Chilean now seems to prefer a move to Inter. The Milan club still has an offer open for Salas, in return for 40 million DM and Vladimir Jugovic.

And last but not least Parma have made an offer of 45 million DM to Juventus for striker Darko Kovacevic. Although Juve is happy with his performance from last year, Kovacevic is still a little disappointed with his minutes, which will be even more limited now that Juventus have also signed David Tezeguet recently.

Amo: I honestly believe Parma have the inside track on Savo, now that both Barca and Real are bickering over the Figo fiasco. You never know, I just might be coming here a little more often. ;)
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