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Milan's big signing of the transfer season may be one of the followings:
Thuram: he declared on a french paper that he wants to leave Parma for a more ambitious team and he always said that Milan would be his dream...
Rivaldo is the leader of the list...to leave Barca for Milan
Crespo to Milan? ...
Hernan Crespo was close to Lazio and still is, but rumors says that since Salas doesn't want to move to Parma as exchange Milan could benefit from this by offering Parma Bierhoff who would like to play with Amoroso again. Berlusconi has said that he was going to sign one big name and Crespo could be the one. Parma is also interested in Bierhoff....

So Milan may well end up with a terrific team with all these
great players plus the promising young stars we already have...

Forza Berlusconi!
Forza Magico Milan!

La victoire est en nous...Pour toujours!

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I doubt we'll see any of those at Milan. Very much doubt Crespo would come to Milan, it took a ridiculous bid by Lazio to get them to sell and we:

1. Dont have players that Parma would want in exchange
2. Will not pay huge amounts of money as demonstrated by our signings this summer
3. Cant really have another non-EC player in the squad unless we get rid of a couple.

Thuram, captain of Parma, won everything with his country, the only thing that may tempt him away from Parma is CL football, but again, does he want it that badly, and Tanzi doesnt want to sell anyway.

Rivaldo, not really sure I want him at Milan anyway. I'd rather stick with the genius of Leo and Boban for another season then get Riquelme if possible, not pay around $45m for this guy.

Sounds to me like more posturing that happens around the time that season tickets need to be renewed. Same thing happened last summer when everyone thought we were buying Marcio Amoroso and he went to Parma. I'll believe it when I see it. I've read all the stuff from Mediaset and all that and it doesnt really mean a thing that its on there. Mediaset is s media company, it reports the news, whether it's in Milan's favour or not. All 7 big clubs have financial muscle nowadays, so we cant empt people with money offers, and from all evidence, we dont want to. If clubs dont want to release their players, they wont. What we can pray for though, is that Parma take Bierhoff off our hands, now that would be the biggest market coup of the summer in my view:)
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