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Milan win for your cousins!

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Vinci per noi Milan!!! :D

Beat Juve and Roma for your loved cousins!
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While this is an admirable show of sisterly love, there is no way Milan is going to win either of these games! And that would be a good thing because that pushes our poor excuse for a coach closer to the door.

We got blown out of the park by a mid-class German side in Dortmund (they're good but they're not top class). Why should our expectations against Roma and Juve be high. We can't even beat Chievo!!! Roma and Juve, to state the obvious, will have plenty to play for and so won't be giving Milan an extra inch. Defensively we're weak, offensively we're toothless. Best of luck. Unfortunately, we should see 2-0 losses in both games.:depress:

But best of luck to Inter. I hope that by seeing you guys win, Berlu will realize the shame of what has become of his team and sack the whole lot of them, Galliani included.
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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