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Milan win for your cousins!

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Vinci per noi Milan!!! :D

Beat Juve and Roma for your loved cousins!
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Well- I hope you beat Roma and somehow make it to the CL, as it would be better for calcio if the big 3 and Roma are there. Both Milan teams seem to have a pretty good handle on Roma at San Siro. It's really strange how some sides match up isn't it ?
Recently- Milan has controlled Roman teams very well both home and away- whereas Juve can't beat them to save our lives. Against teams from Milan however- our losses over the last couple of years are simply rediculously rare. Strange.

At Delle Alpi... well... we may be without Nedved, and our midfield is thus a rather un-creative lot, but we've conceeded 2 goals this season with Montero on the field, and he's ready... so I can't think Del Piero and Trezeguet won't do enough damage :).

Still- best of luck on CL.

I do understand you on preferring Roma (although Sensi is an enemy to our common cause ;)- you know that right ?), because they are insignificant in the "cosmic balance" of history, but Inter/Juve ? Choose your poison :howler: . I for one believe the ones preferring Inter are simply, deep down, entertaining some lucid and rather demented illusion of Milan catching up with Juve scudetti wise within their lifetimes :D .
No offence on that- I seriously hope to see the day Juve equals, and even tops Milan's number of EC/CL titles :). Because such concerns are for the eternal contenders :stuckup: .

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bono74 said:

Now, what we have here is a Nomination for and Academy Award for "Biggest overstament of the year" :D :D :D no offence ;)
Hey man- you're supposed to be a lawyer aren't you ? You can read better than that I'm sure, or maybe you're just doing your lawyer thing by quoting out of context :tongue: .
The "no offence" part obviously goes to the previous sentence- hereby connecting the two.

If anything- it's an UNDERstatement, as I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY... HOPE that we will ecplise your tally.


Psycho: yes- we deal in vira too, and taking back Lippi after he screwed up Inter is testament to that too. Sadly- since Moggi left- Sensi won't touch anything Juve related with a 10 foot pole, so it's looking dour on that score. Lazio... I think we'll hi-jack Crespo this Summer (even if it's propably stupid), so we're onto them too if Nedved's kidnapping from holliday in Prague wasn't enough, and Parma... well- they don't really like us either :D .

...as Svennis (who is sdaly no longer with us due to declining lazio performances) said- we're the "Evil Empire"

But chin up- you got Pippo :).

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