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Milan vs Brescia

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Even though our minds are all on the Euroderby, this match is indeed vital for our Scudetto hopes :stuckup:

Possible lineups:

:: MILAN 4-3-1-2
1 Dida
2 Cafu
3 Maldini
5 Costacurta
4 Kaladze
8 Gattuso
21 Pirlo
20 Seedorf
10 Rui Costa
15 Tomasson
11 Crespo
A disposizione
17 Abbiati
26 Pancaro
14 Simic
27 Serginho
32 Brocchi
23 Ambrosini
9 F. Inzaghi

Allenatore Ancelotti
:: BRESCIA 3-5-2
1 Castellazzi
2 Martinez
32 Di Biagio
6 Zoboli
3 Stankevicius
24 Berretta
7 Milanetto
9 Sculli
33 Wome
29 Caracciolo
40 Mannini
A disposizione
22 Agliardi
16 Mareco
11 Del Nero
21 Zambrella
17 Vonlanthen
14 Hamsyk
23 Dallamano

Forza Milan :star:
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shoryuken said:

Forza Esajas!! :thmbup:
:proud: :cool: :proud:
Elephant King said:
Agree on the 'socring-shape' thing about Sheva. :thumbsup: But my worry is if Sheva plays on weekend and then on next Tuesday, the Ukrainian would have played 3 matches in 6 days :stress: , bare in mind that he has just recovered from injuries. :stress: I'd rather save his energy for the euroderby ;) , as his header goal last Wednesday has already boost his confidence much.
Sheva should play against Brescia, he needs as much match practice as possible after being out for 6 over weeks. I'm not too worry about him getting tired or burn out. The man has 6 weeks of rest and I reckon he's now fully recharged for 2 games a week till the end of the season :strong:

Elephant King said:
About Nesta, it's true that he lacks sharpness as shown in the derby. However we have to be careful regarding his injuries. IMO, we should not risk even if it's a minor injury. Nesta is so indispensable. :star:
I think he was subbed in the derby for precautionary reasons. His foot injury is now completely healed so I think he'll start against Brescia, since Maldini is rested and Stam suspended.

3 points a must, even by a 'juve' :yuck: style.
Elephant King said:

3 points a must, even by a 'juve' :yuck: style.
man, 'juve' style is toooooooooooooooooooooooooo low! :groan: :mad: :nono:

but who cares if it brings us 3 points :howler: :D
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Starting lineups:

MILAN: Dida, Cafu, Nesta, Costacurta, Serginho, Gattuso, Pirlo, Seedorf, Rui Costa, Shevchenko, Tomasson.

BRESCIA: Castellazzi, Zoboli, Di Biagio, Domizzi, Martinez, Stankevicious, Milanetto, Wome, Zambrella, Caracciolo, Del Nero.
I can't belive that Crespo isn't playing. :( But Sheva is Playing :party:
Serginho and Seedorf had carved open the Brescia defense on the left, a great cross by Seedorf was wasted by Tomasson, who shot wide at an open goal :wallbang:
Forza Milan!

Keep the comments coming ilgenio :)
Cafu hacked down by Wome in the penalty area... No penalty :eekani:
Great! Rui scored!
Please, another goal, then the game is won!
Yeah, Goaaaaaaalll .Great goal for Rui Costa.
hahahah! Rui Costa 14th minute :D
(my dad called and told me :) )
14' Milan 1 - 0 Brescia [Rui Costa]

Rui Costa dribbled past 2 Brescia defenders from the left flank and fired home an unstoppable shot from the left corner of the penalty area. Super goal :star:
Seedorf nearly made it 2-0 with a carbon copy of Rui Costa's goal :eekani:
Eurosport mentions lots of set pieces for Brescia, what's going on?
Hey guys do you know any radio links to listen this match live?

Forza Grande Rui

Forza Milan
Caracciolo almost equalised for Brescia :scared:
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