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After failing to permanently secure the services of Hernan Crespo last summer, reports are filtering through that AC Milan are poised to try again.

This time the Italian giants are under the impression that Crespo could be signed for as little as £5million, which is half of what he would have cost last summer. Quite how they work out this discounted price has yet to be explained, however, we suspect that it may be influenced by Chelsea's apparent search for a new, world-class striker.

Despite seemingly showing interest in Crespo, Milan have no desire to enter into a drawn out transfer that would see Andrei Schevchenko coming to London. Throughout this current season, the tabloids have been rife regarding the future of the Argentine striker who has quickly become something of a Chelsea legend.

It's hard to say whether this latest report is simply rehashed from old material but nevertheless it's bound to rekindle the fires linking Crespo with a move back to Serie A, a country where Hernan openly admits that he enjoys the way of life far better.

We get the impression that this is one of those rumours that'll rumble along for a few months yet.
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