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milan will sign salernitana's igli vanucchi today,milan have been after him for a while,and he's one of the most pomising players in italy.
what do you think?

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I supposed him to join us, and I am glad that the deal will be finalized in these days.
FORZA MILAN with all its youngster :)

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This is great for you guys but not in the way you guys think. this move probably puts an end to ALbertini's starting days at Milan.

The way i see it is like this. Vannuchi contrary to popular belief is actually right footed with a competent left foot.

So here is my suggestion.

Francesco Coco is a superb left wing back and when he recovers from injury he will sweep all challengers aside and be a starter on the left hand side of midfield as a left sided wing back.

That means after about 5 games your midfield will look like this.

Vannucchi will be on teh bench for a week or two. Eventualy he will begin to challenge Gattusso for the right wwing back position.

And he will eventually put together a few great matches and begin tto start over Gattusso at right win back.

So after about te weeks tis is how your midfield will look.

But as usual ALbertini will again hit a horrible vein of form in mid-season but he most likely will not be dropped because of Boban's and Leonardo's ages they cannot run a whole 90 every match so Milan will need someone who can still put a few passes together.

As for the duel between Gattusso and Albertini i expect Gattusso to be eventually replaceing Albertini next season once Rabito/Riquelme gets into full swing. Then Milan can play with two out and out ball winners in the middle of the park.

Expect this to be Albertini's last season as a starter once you guys sign Vannucchi.

p.s. Guys i was sure that it was Ighil and not Ighly

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I thought it was Ighli, but anyway...

We will not get Vannucchi! It would be great, but since Galliani and Berlusconi both are mad they think that £12M is far too much for Vannucchi and Rossi together... I guess they fail to see that they're both Italian U21 internationals with great talent and therefore bound to cost more than Brncic. Too bad we signed Sheva for peanuts and Berlusconi and Gallianí think that they can pull the same stunt again...idiots!
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