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IT at AC Milan gives injuries the red card
Italian club scores with knowledge management system to monitor players' health and fitness
Daniel Thomas, vnunet.com 26 Jan 2004

Champions League winner AC Milan has reduced sporting injuries by 90 per cent with a knowledge management system to monitor players' performances.

The Italian club claims that Premiership teams could save millions by using data modelling rather than gut instinct to reduce financial losses from ill-informed transfer decisions.

Trials of the MilanLab system, which kicked off in July 2002, have helped slash injuries from 41 to three in three years.

AC Milan's medical director believes that greater analysis through neural network technology, which is being rolled out next season, will help the coach to select his team in future.

Designed by Computer Associates (CA), MilanLab collates fitness, body composition, mental and dietary information to predict the chances of a player picking up an injury.

The system uses a web portal that links PDAs, gym machines and medical instruments to three predictive analysis servers and knowledge storage systems.

Modelling techniques are used to predict how players can improve diet, training and mental attitude to hit peak performance.

AC Milan medical co-ordinator Dr Jean-Pierre Meersseman said: "When I joined the club five years ago there was very little fitness data on current or previous players.

"I wanted health data on successful past players like [Marco] Van Basten and [Ruud] Gullit so we could emulate past victories, but there was none. Often when a coach leaves a club so does knowledge of the players."

During the team's 2002-2003 Champions League winning season physical, mental and biochemical data was collected on more than 50 first team and youth players.

"We also have eTrust security management as it is vital to have security profiles to keep player information safe and ensure only those with permission can access the portal," said Fabrizio Tittarelli, delivery director at Computer Associates.

But AC Milan had to overcome player resistance and introduce data privacy agreements to footballers' contracts before the system could go fully live.

"When they realised that it would make them more healthy and prolong their playing career they became much more accepting," said Daniele Tognaccini, athletics coach at AC Milan.

A spokesman for CA said others were interested in the system. "We are in discussions with three European sporting organisations to roll similar technology as has been used at AC Milan."

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specifically, Milan Lab system is based on Computer Associates' CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server . CA customized the CleverPath to suit with Milan's need.

very powerfull application indeed :star:

i've seen the app before..:thumbsup:

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I've been doing a little research on Milanlab, impressed by their results so far.

It is incredibly feasible from an economic perspective (3 million euro investment). A chance injury to a Dida, or a Cafu, or a Gattuso or even a Bieri could potentially cost Milan over 3 million economically each, possibly affecting team performance in each of the 3 competitions, which will obviously have an economic impact, seen quite clearly from a long term perspective.

Milanlab certainly is a beautiful thing :cool:

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shock news, can Pres confirm this?

I heard Nesta hurted his thumb druing Italy-Solvenia match. the injury is worse than expected so Nesta is likely to carry out an operation, which would sideline him for 3 weeks. If that's the case, Nesta could miss the giganic clash with Juve.:scared:

Nesta is paramount to our defence nowadays, I hope his injury isn't 'that' serious...:scared:

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Destiny, once again, is clearing the way for Billy to baby sit Ibrahimovic :devil:

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Elephant King said:
At least we still have San Paolo and SuperBIlly, who would never let us down. :proud:
Dabdob said:
estiny, once again, is clearing the way for Billy to baby sit Ibrahimovic :devil:
Diavolo said:
In Billy we trust :devil:
:stuckup::devil: :proud:


FORZA BILLY!!!!!!!!:stuckup::devil: :proud:


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What I was thinking. Thumb? The thing on the end of your hand you use to hitchhike with? Is that correct, that he has simply injured his thumb? Or are they using some strange Italian circumlocution for 'leg' or knee there? He is not suposed to be using his hands anyway (;) ), so how does a thumb injury keep him out four weeks? Is there something else at hand (no pun intended) here? Weird. I've sprained the ligaments in my thumb twice and I didn't even miss a day of work (and I use my hands on the job), so this is most bizarre. Hopefully, Billy can pull out some of his patended "he's 50 years old, how's he do that?" performances in Nesta's absense, but it is still a weird injury to put a player out for one month.

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Jern Lizardhous said:
how can a bad thumb keep you out for three weeks ? what is wrong with it ? :googly:
I can't recall who but one of our former players (maybe Pippo) was out for a month or so with a hand injury as well. The hand does clash with players especially on set-pieces scuffles and heading as the arms are used for leverage so it cannot be risked. I hope Nesta changes those blue boots once he gets back. He isn't himself in those boots. :stuckup:

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and stops playing those videogames
did you hear that thats why he broke his thumb? those are the claims going around

oh well, talk about not accepting masturbation
its okay ale, its a part of life, just don't make it "your" life as it seems right now :howler:
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