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There was a baros interview in the czech newspaper Dnes (Today), as well as a short article. Since i happen to speak czech fluently, I figured I'd post about it.

The interview:

Q: Milan, can you explain what the problem was?

A: I had a little tear in the femoral muscle, which bled a bit and then the blood coagulated. The coagulated blood was consequently interfering with the muscle. The exact same thing as three days before that in La Corun'a happened in Macedonia, except it was worse.

Q: That's why you're taking more time off this time.

A: Right, and I can't take it anymore. I'm looking forward to playing again. I want to help my mates out and we need to beat Olympiakos so we can still be in the Chapions League come spring.

Q: Are you worried the condition may reoccur?

A: The muscle is holding up and I don't feel any problems. If I had the least bit of doubt, I wouldn't be hurrying into it.

Q: And how did you feel in Macedonia?

A: It hurt, actually. I was feeling a pull three days before that already in the league, but I was playing over it.

Q: And in Macedonia, you just couldn't any longer.

A: Maybe because it was cold. Although I must admit that I didn't fully recouperate after the first occurrence.

Q: This is probably why the Liverpool manager complained in the media that the national team manager Brueckner even started you in Skopja.

A: I saw it in the news, but noone talked to me about that.

Q: And Benitez didn't fault you for that either?

A: No, he didn't say anything about it to me at all.

Q: The English league doesn't take a break over Christmas. You're going to play five matches between December 19th and January 3rd. Are you going to be able to get home for Christmas?

A: Not at all, I will be in England as usual. I only hope that the muscle will be ok now. We've got quite a lot of work on our hands.

--- end interview ---

Baros quote from the article:

"I've been under immense pressure since the Euro. My name got bigger and everyone is expecting miracles from me. Before that, they said I could achieve a lot, but I didn't have to. Today, if I don't score a goal, right away it's being said that my form's gone to heck."

--- end quote ---

Other interesting tidbits:

A quote from a Czech National Team fan rearading Benitez complaining about Baros' injury during the Macedonia game:

Subject: Benitez is a [male] donkey

How can Brueckner [the NT manager] start a player who's scored a hattrick in his last game? Everyone knows about statistics, if he scores a hattrick in one game, he's not going to score in the next one. That's statistically proven!

--- end quote ---

There was also an article about one of Baros' National Team teammates who's gone to play for Spartak Moscow this year. In the question/comment section, one of the fans asked:

"Baros is certainly one of the main forces in the National Team and I'd be interested to know if you're concerned about the yellow cards he picked up in the last two NT games. After all, a player of such calibre should be able to control himself under such circumstances, no?"

One of Milan's mates had this to say:

"Milan doesn't control himself much, especially when we're out partying. He always gets plastered the most."

[Note: the word I translated as 'partying' is a slang term that actually more accurately translates to 'going out with the express purpose of getting wasted'. Literally, the verb in question translates to 'harden with flame', as in the process used to forge metal objects. While there is another word for 'going out to celebrate in a reasonably civil manner', it was not used in that phrase. Sounds like our Milan might be quite the party firestarter.]

--- end interesting tidbits ---

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