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Well if there was one week where all our players where available without injuries/national games on the moon/suspended by the club :) Salas, then could someone please tell me what game that was so I can watch how our first 11 did.

Acctually in defence this is only a positive thing since Couto is just sooo much better at defending but in attack :( we are going to suffer.

If the game is showed live ( something I doubt since Roma play Milan and that should be a great game to watch ) then could you all just take some time to watch how Couto plays. He is the capt of the Portoguise national team and he has been outstanding when Nesta was away ( xpt for the Valencia game where everybody sucked ).

Couto will erease Andersson from the air and he´ll plow down whatever player comes through.

Veron will take the corners and freekicks and he has scored more beautiful goals on freekicks and corners this season then Miha ( but of course the Chelsea goal was amazing ).

Some 2 - 3 days ago I wrote in a post that I hope Eriksson will take a gamble on Couto and someone heard me :( :) ... maybe he´ll shut down in defence and our midfield can concentrate on attack.

On the negative side Couto can be careless and he has seen his share of yellow cards during his days on the field.

Forza Couto !!!!

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i dont think this is a blow to us for this game...cuoto is a more stable defender than mihajlovic...veron can do all the things mihajlovic does and i trust him that he will setup scoring chances or even score himself from the freekick or elsewhere.

I agree with you, Couto is a better defender than Miha and I just hope that our attack will not suffer due to this. The thing Eriksson now should do is to put Couto on Andersson- just tell him Sven Göran to follow Andersson like a shadow during the hole match!!!!!!!

If he does that much of Bolognas attacking game will vanish- Andersson is the one who supply Signori with the balls and if we erase him much of the game is won!
Then hopefully our midfield and Mancini can supply Salas with the balls wich make him score!!!!

Forza Lazio

i just want to say this :
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

i think you understand why that was all about :(


I think Miha needs more respect from us.
He is the one of the best internacional
players and i am sure he would be welcome in
any other team in the world .
Only Lazio fans say "He is bad defender"
"He is slow " Hey , show sam respect for our
And one thing that I hate in internacional
football.When team plays bed forgin players are always gilty never Italians or Spains
or i do not know.
While the Lazio was first it was Nesta( he
is the best Lazio player) who was wining
games.When all team started play bad it was
Miha's fault .
But when you look at Valencia game who made
critical mistakes :Italinan player Paolo *****. On our forum it was Miha that made mistakes because some of you can not take the
fact that Italian players can make mistakes.
I think this sh** must stop.
And also one o you told yesturday that he
hates Arkan because he is Serbian!!!!!]
And you say that some Lazio fans are not racist nacist??
I would want to say 90% of serb people
are normal people and beter people then
some Italian Laziali ( racist)
Hating some one because he is Serbian is nacist thinking and thet one does not deserve to live whit other peple.
Put him and others like him in cage.
I would not say his name , he knows whois he.


Miha is not a bad defender- I just think people think that there are better ones and thats why when we sometimes concede alot of goals Miha is the one who is blamed.

But no Lazio player should be "immune" to critisizm, I mean thats what we´re all here for isn´t it? I think every Lazio-player has been critizised here excpet for Veron
Nedved and maybe Nesta, why? Beacause they been brilliant when they have played!! Veron and Nedved have both done an excellent season and I don´t think anybody can can argue with me on that. Nesta has when he has played been(as always) very good and his only problem has been injuries.
That is one reason why I think this forum is so good, beacause no one is being favourised-the critisism is based on preformance just like it should be!

About Miha I think he´s an important player for us- offensivly and with his magical left-foot, but you can´t deny that he lacks in defensive skills, and thats why he need someone like Nesta-who takes charge of the defence so Miha can focus on his on game. When Nesta plays it also allows him to be more offensive and thats when he´s at his best.
And as far as I can remember about the talk after the Valencia game was that ***** were most critisied together with Miha cause they both did a bad match. Although I don´t think no one missed ****** misstakes cause they were more obvious than Mihas.
Miha is although a good player and we should definetely keep him!

Forza Lazio

Danijel, I don't think you have followed the forum very well.
If there are some players that are more criticized than others, it's the Italian players. I think that the Italian players have been on the "sell list" of this forum more times than any other Lazio player.

Marchegiani is not good at all, and old.
Ballotta, just too old for a team like Lazio.
*****, mistake after mistake and never a good game. Not to forget that it was his fault that we lost against Milan away.
Pancaro, there are hundreds of players that are better than him.
Favalli, why he is still at Lazio is a mysterium.
Nesta, probably the only that haven't been criticized.
Gottardi, in a team like Lazio players like him should not take part.
Lombardo, too old, slow and whatever else some people comes up with.
Mancini, he had his best time 10 years ago.
Ravanelli, why did Lazio buy an old, slow player like him !?
Inzaghi, what was wrong with this guy from September to February?
Marcolin, who is he ???

This is how it has been looking on the forum.
If I have forgot any Italian player, I am sorry.

I think that before you complain about those who post, maybe you should read the posts after the games :). Because the Italian players are those who are criticized the most !! AND THAT IS WRONG !!!!!!!!
Only because many of the Italian players aren't known as superstars they are criticized but they are so much better than overrated players like Panucci (just to take an example)

Forza Lazio

AngeloB ok,thenks for this post .
I made a mistake and i am sory.
Eveything is like in your post.
Italians in Lazio ( Nesta no) are bad.
It is the fact.

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i think the italians in our team are ok

are all top class
are average
good last choice players

hes just 2 ugly
pinzi youth

but svennis
im pretty sure that this is our first choice line up

***** Nesta Mihajlovic Pancaro
Conceicao Veron Nedved
and well the attack ??? andy 3 of salas boksic and inzaghi

but i have seen this line up before but not very often


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I think Couto proved tonight that Miha is needed in the defense. Beppe got past Fernando way too easily in both of his goals.
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