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Miha, please be quiet!!!

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Sinisa Mihajlovic, interviewed by La gazzetta Dello Sport, stated that Lazio have too many Argentinian players, and at this point it is better to buy Trezeguet instead of Crespo!!!

What are the consequences of such an interview?
Well, the GOLDEN BOY JUAN SEBASTIAN VERON, called Massimo Cragnotti just a while ago, and told him that at this point it's best if he leaves Lazio, since there are too many of them!!!

With great respect to Sinisa, I'd like to tell him to shove a sock down his throat and shut up!
Now I'm sure that the papers and CALCIOMAKEUPMERCATO, blow the whole thing out of proportion, but there was indeed a phonecall to Massimo Cragnotti from Veron about this situation, I've read the news from the above stated and I've read todays Corriere Della Sera!!!

In other news, Monday Cragnotti will meet Moratti to try and get Vieri back, now Inter will ask for Salas and Baronio, they seem to have given up on Veron, since Mr. Cragnotti has put him off limits, that is unless this Miha bull crap doesn't get out of proportion!!!

P.S. This new layout for the forum sucks, simple things are better, and it's way too slow!!!
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Maybe Veron wants out after all? I mean,he is taking the slightest thing to whine and demostrate that he wants to leave all the time...Its not the first time that he does this thing with Cragnotti,right?
Personally I think they should both mind their own business
when it comes to the transfer market!!!!

Amo,wouldn't you just love if he left?

REALE CAMPIONE D'ITALIA ( and no one can take this away!)
I love Veron but there is not point in keeping a player that doesn´t really want to play for the team - look at Parma.

No offense but Thuram, Buffon and Crespo all played lousy when they realised that Parma wasn´t going to the CL and then again after the winter break.

It´s unbelivable to me why Veron would want to leave Lazio after just having won Lo Scudetto but if he feels that he can do bigger things in another club ( Lazio was only ranked nr 1 for bigger parts of the season and took 3 trophies: Supercup, Italian Cup and Lo Scudetto ).

I don´t know but I´d rather keep Salas, Baronio and sell Veron to Real. There are will be another Veron in the future and we´ll just have to wait for one that will want to play for Lazio no matter what.

Win some loose some.

Lazio still has a great team and alot of money to spend. I say bring in Koller ( great player and the eastern guys don´t ***** ) team Salas up with Koller and Inzaghi.

There are alot of talanted players in europe, Deisler of Herta Berlin will become one of the best ever midfielders if he continues like this - Lazio give his parasite agent ( all agents are paraistes and they don´t deserve to live ) and hook him up !!

I think that alot of things will change in the future and I think it´s pretty obvious that Cragnotti doesn´t want to spend a fortune each season ( and he shouldn´t ). I don´t understand why people expect Lazio to go on a spending spree at the end of each season just because everyone else does so - please glance over your shoulder at Juventus !!! buy smart and for the future.

Lazio would be better of to invest in a stadium of their own so they won´t have to play for a semi full olimpico ( 45k average at a 83k capacity ).

Take a look at the Lazio attack for next season: Salas, Inzaghi, Lopez and Ravanelli.

Compare Juve: Inzaghi, Del Piero, Amoruso, Kovacevic.
Compare Roma: Delvecchio, Montella, Batistuta, Totti½, Poggi
Compare Inter: Vieri, Recoba, Zamorano, Muto, Baggio
Compare Milan: Sheva, Jose Mari, Weah, Bierhoff

Our first Choice Lopez is as good as any first choice in the pick and surley better then both Del Piero and Inzaghi of Juve, Montella, Delvecchio and Totti ( as an attacker ), Zamorano, Recoba, Muto and Baggio, Jose Mari and Bierhoff.

It´s ridiculous really !!

Midfield might not even change .. as it looks now Baronio will play ( probably ) but no real word on Almeyda leaving and the Veron thing ??

If real wants Veron then we should demand: Salgado and their central sweeper ( helguerra or something like that ).

That trade I´d go for then Inter could sign ***** and we´d have Salgado on the left and that Helguerra guy in the middle with Nesta ). As a central midfielder we´ll go for overrated Fiore :)

Sounds fair to me.
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Only for Parma Reale....:)but this is not going to happen anyway.:(

Svennis,when did Thuram ad Crespo played loosy? maybe you was watching another team? :)

PS.You dont mention us on the "big" teams anymore?:) We surely have the best attack after Roma in my opinion....
Sorry Amo it wasn´t personal against Parma I was only pissed and didn´t really ( never do these days ) to write a post.

Looking at the amount of goals scored this season it´s safe to say that Parmas attack isn´t top 5 but then again it´s because your midfield sucked.

Thuram had a couple of lousy games and so did Buffon, Crespo sometimes played amazingly bad football and when you look at his rating average you´ll agree. Still with Lazio´s midfield behind Amoroso and Crespo maybe on paper your attack was the best before the start of the 99/00 season.

Amoroso had one great season then he got injured, since he hasn´t been anywhere near what he was ( even then he was a bit overrated and surely Parma paid too much ).

Forza Lazio !!
Yes,but here we are talmking about POTENTIALLY best attacks...we dont know how well Lopez or Batistuta or Hakan Sukur (who was bought today by Inter) will play...

In my opinion,this---> Crespo,Amoroso,STANIC (best sub forward last season),Di Vaio and Mboma (yuck!) are the second best attack in Seria A behind Roma's fabulus three.

Amoroso had a very bad year due to injuries,give the guy sometime,he will be like a new signing next year...

Well,Parma's forwards where the only one with absolutely no feeding this year.After idiot Tanzi sold Veron and replaced him with Ortega (great player,but NO ****ING WAY a play-maker) the Parma forwards had to create every chance by themselfes...

You say Thuram had a couple of loosy games,does this mean he "sucked this year" as you said in the earlier post? Veron had a couple of loosy months,but he was the Champion's MVP...two or three bad game means nothing.Crespo had to deal with defences by his own considering that only Stanic was helpful (whenever he played).
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If we are going to sell Veron then we might as well try and get some decent players from it as well...like the plan Sven...all Lazio need to do now is employ you as a scout!

First it was Spain 0-1 Norway and now it's Slovenia 2-0 Yugoslavia, this is the day for shocks!
What was Miha thinking???? 3-0!
Now he's off!

My, my, what a match!
Very exciting game!!!
what Miha did in todays game was a total discrace and a big mistake that might cost Yugoslavia!!!
You are not right, Svennis Del Piero is way much better than Lopez who will in my opinion not do so good in italy cuz of the lack of space!

About Deisler... well there are much better and cheaper talents walking around in serie B/C/D
Fortunately,Miha's teamates decided to start playing as they can...3-3!

Yugoslavia can really be the Brazilians of Europe when they play as they can (very rarely that is)
Well, I like Deisler too and it was nice to see him given the chance to taste Euro 2000 in the match vs Romania. But I still can't picture him in Lazio at the moment (although I wouldn't mind if he comes here).
Well Willem Sterk, I agree that there are other CheapeR young talents in Serie B, but BetteR? I don't think so! Potentially better, perhaps, but at the moment, at most there should be only a handful in Serie B better than him!

And Miha...what can I say? After he was sent off, Yugo bounced back! The smartest substitutions so far seems to have been thos by Yugo...first Stojkovic (not a good day for Deki either :( ) then Milosevic. I can understand Miha's frustration, but to have a 2nd yellow card for dissent...He could do better than that.
Deki was injured while playing the Euro 2000 Group 1 match against Slovenia that's why he was substituted. Miha is slowly getting on my nerves... when he was sent off i was crying ( really ) and what did he ?? He was laughing like nothing happened. What the hell is wrong with him ?? He passed ball to Zahovic and when Zaho scored Miha laughed again... Was he drunk or did he take stereoids :):) ?
Well it seems that Miha was too frustrated that he ended up laughing! It's quite common I guess, when people are too depressed and can't take the pressure anymore the effect is reversed : they laugh out of frustration!
So no he wasn't drunk ;)
But really a bad day for Miha, yeah...very sad :(
So Deki wasn't fully fit going into that match...Now that explains it! Thanks!

Forza Lazio
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