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Miha or or Couto?

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Lets forget about all these transfers for a while and look at the players we got. One question that I think mr. Eriksson have to look into for next season, is whitch of couto or miha who is going to play with nesta in the center our defense. I am pretty sure that eriksson will choose Mihajlovic but is that the right choise do to? My own opinion is that couto is a better defender than Mihajlovic for the moment. But Mihajlovic can score goals on free kicks everybody says. But with players like veron,nedved and lopez who also are very good freekick-takers I can not see for a minute that we need mihajlovic as much as before next year. And besides if Nesta is away we NEED couto on the field cos he is the only player (maybe sensini too) that could take the leader role that Nesta have. Just look what happend when couto and Nesta were out so that miha had to lead our defence against valencia...
SO MY OPINION IS .. "FORZA COUTO"! i hope Eriksson is listening :)

it would be fun to here what you think of this matter
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For me, this topic has no point...
What will we do if we vote who will play ? Like Eriksson will read this topic and he will make the coise on our depends. NO. Of course Couto is faster, better defender, but nobody is like Miha. His long passes, free kicks (which aren't the same anymore), corners... Those are the stuff Couto WILL NEVER HAVE ! SO we must check the rotation sistem here, and maybe Simeone/Baronio too.

Couto or Mihajlovic, not big deal.
And ITALAZIO, about getting 25 less goals WITH MIHA NOT PLAYING, we will score 7-10 goals less TOO ! Don't be smart-ass here cause you don't know some things. I prefer Couto in the defence and Mihajlovic in midfield. But as it seems, that 'll never happen.:mad:
Kafka, don't understand me wrong now.
THIS topic is useless, well, it's interesting to read other opinions but We do not have to ARGUE because who is better than who. Svennis don't read ANY OF THESE TOPICS but this one is completely missed.

Sorry if I made you mad :(
Kafka, happy to hear that :)

didn't say nothing even close to ur thoughts :)
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