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which game(s) u guys like the most and the least? goal(s)?

rate mourinho and 3 new players...

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Good thread

Best matches:

victory vs. Juve #1
Serie a win vs Roma
Napoli win #3

Favorite Goals:

Muntari vs. Juve
Ibra's backheel
Ibra's no look pass to Mancini in the CL
Maicon's rocket shot vs Torino (I think)
Stankovic vs. Roma


Quaresma 5.5 (hasn't played enough, Inter's best lineup has no wingers, has shown little teamwork)
Muntari 7.0 (fantastic signing, energy player who wins balls and scores the odd goal from midfield, exactly what inter needed)
Mancini 5.0 (no comment other than I hope he leaves)

Mourinho 8.0 (he speaks the truth, he is bold, he knows what works and what does not, he has won almost all of the big games, (Roma twice, Juve, Inter's 1st CL game, Udinese, Lazio)
The games he has lost (Bremen, Milan, Panathanaikos) either inter simply did not care much because they already were through or someone scored from an offside position, it should also be noted that in none of these games did Samuel played and in all of the games Inter did not play there best formation 4312

But, what Mourinho has done so far is no different then what Mancini did last year. Inter are through in the champions league, had a long winning streak in the league (8), and are in first place in the league

Mourinho knows Winter champion does not mean much, he also knows that the CL group stage is not too important. Mourinho was brought he to win the CL and he knows that anything less than semi finals this year will be considered a failure whether or not they win the league
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