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Micoud prepared for Parma departure

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Micoud prepared for Parma departure Tuesday 16 April, 2002


Johann Micoud has threatened to leave Parma at the end of this season.

The midfielder, in France for an international friendly against Russia, launched the stern warning to his club.

“It is true that at Parma I have been through highs and lows,” commented the Liverpool target, “and that in December I had practically left the club.”

“Then the Coach and management staff changed and I found my place in the team once more. This motivated me, even if it did not solve all the problems.”

“If by June the situation has not changed,” he warned, “I really think I’ll leave Italy.”

The former Bordeaux man has not settled into Serie A football during these two seasons and has rarely featured for the Gialloblu in their battle to avoid the drop.

The Premiership appears to be his future destination with Arsenal and Liverpool said to be interested in his services.

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Hm :undecide:
I like Johan, bue he never settled 100% in Italy.:(
Perhaps it would be better for him to play in England or so...:rolleyes: and we could use the money we get!
Micoud is a class-player. He is very good and he should defintly get regular place in a team.

But the thing with him is that he can play very good a match just to be crap in the second. Maybe with the right coach he can be better......Look what Wenger did to Viera and Henry. :rolleyes:

Is this how its called when the club decides to sell you? ;)
:D Obviously
Micoud's 2 seasons at Parma have been wasted with everyone playing him out of position or playing Nakata instead(Micoud is a better playmaker when given a chance).

He was brilliant at Bordeaux before we signed him and would do well in England or Spain, I am sure
defenitly the most talented player in Parma, hopes he leave the club for a club that holds european competition standards;) :stuckup:
So that rules out PSG eh?
:D :D :D :D :tongue: GOOD ONE

Spain looks like his likely destination
If we can get someone like Doni or Pirlo, Micoud departure will leave us very short on the creativity level. Of cos Nakata is 80 percent of leaving us. I can't see any obvious replacement who can replace Nakata and Micoud and it likely to be available or wants to joins us. I can only think of Litmanen who seems certain to move from Liverpool this summer.
Litmanen?!? :eek:

I'm not so sure Nakata will leave either. I think the club see him as ideal for their new project. They want to make Parma and Parmalat more known throughout the world. Nakata is perfect for this and I think it has to be a very good deal for them to sell him. Of course, this doesn't apply if Nakata is among the players Tanzi doesn't think has done his best. And if he is I think he should be kicked out head first.
Nakata has shown some signs of improvement, but he needs guidance i think we should keep him on another year and see what happens, we really need a coach that can help the players out our team is very young and needs moulding get it right and wewill have a glorious decade :)
get it wrong we will cry
But i will vouch for the former as we have sachhi pulling the striongs and we will sell but only for our benefit and on our terms as highlighted by the recent talk of cann to juve.
We need a good manager to come in, who will stay for many years. It was a rough season, considering we have had 3 different managers. We need one man to come in, and settle the squad and next year we should be back, where we should.
I am a big Parma supporter but I also support Liverpool and the news from the club is that he is staying, there have been no (concrete) rumours of him leaving Anfield, he is happy where he is at the moment.

However, I would not like him at Parma, Doni would be great :D :D
I think that we should go after Gatti in Perugia. This 18 years old playmaker would be a perfect replacement for Nakata. Nakata should get a second chance. He cn do better.

But buy Gatti as his replacement and Zauri for the left defence. and a striker next to di vaio and we got a good team. We don`t need anymore.
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