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Your 3 categories are on target. I was embittered because American players were shut-out, though admittedly there wasn't as much a breadth of talent as now. I rooted for the Washington Diplomats and there were some guys on that team that were decent to us youngsters, but many were bums. Dennis Viollet coached them for a while and he was a hell of a nice guy. Scottish I think, right? Believe he passed away from cancer or the like. A couple of the Brits on the side still live in the area and are involved in the game. Two guys on the Dips come to mind as belonging at the top of your heap of neer-do-wells; Paul Cannell and Jim Steele. These guys were legendary around town for destructive drinking binges and other trouble. Cannell pulled an opponents' shorts down in one game and Steele was the dirtiest player I have ever, ever seen. Broke a guys leg once on the nastiest unneccessary blind foul from behind that I ever witnessed.

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We shall see

The MetroStars, with the recent loss of Daniel Hernandez, will be in dire need of Lothar. His experience could be the key in the playoff chase, and the finals of the Open Cup.

Lothar has had less than a stellar year, and you would be hard pressed to find an MLS fan who will be disappointed when he leaves (although rumor has it he is interested in a move to Chicago), he is still a player worth keeping an eye on. There is still an abundance of talent at his disposal, much more than some of the younger players in the league.

To really measure his contribution, we'll have to have a final look at the end of the season. If the MetroStars are hoisting the cup, the Lothar factor may be a key ingredient.
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