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Metrostars better off without Lothar Matthäus?

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NY/NJ Metrostars have had a pretty decent rum recently - without German Allstar Lothar Matthäus. The question rises: Are the Metros better off without him? As far as I can tell, he didn´t sparkle the Metros too much in the few matches he played. Plus, he seems not too happy playing in New York... (at least German media report so). If this is true, well, then I think it would be best for both sides if Lothar quit the Metrostars. What du you think?
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Someone once referred to the MLS as " an elephant's graveyard for over-the-hill players". Lothat Matthaus is a typical example. He is not seriously interested in the MLS, which ia apparent by his lethargic approach to the game, as a player for the Metrostars. His contribution? Zero!!!

It is time for Lothar to hang up his boots. Perhaps he should concentrate on a player-coach position. Where?? Possibly some Third Division team in Germany!!
That's a brilliant conclusion to come to, Mr. Pres.
"British Mafia" !! Perhaps they were seeking revenge - remember Paul Revere? Seriously, the reason for the dominant British influence dates back to 1967 when the NASL was born. England had won the World Cup the year previously and were on top of the World Football scene. For that reason it was only logical for Americans to seek advice from the Brits.

The NASL was initiated with British help. However, there was a problem. It was not the best that Britain had to offer, as it was not taken seriously by the Brits at the time. So the cream of the British crop did not show up. The group that did, could be divided into three categories :-

1. Over the Hill - Those whose careers in Britain had come to an end.

2. Neer-do-wells - A group who never made it in British football and were delighted to get the chance to play in the States.

3. Opportunists - Those who scoffed at the whole idea and availed of the opportunity to visit the States and earn some easy cash.

There were two outstanding exceptions, Phil Woosnam who became the NASL commissioner and Clive Toye who went to the New York Cosmos. Much has happened since then with the demise of the NASl and the birth of the MSL. Things are looking up !!!!
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