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Next Monday, in my country, will be Memorial Day, a day which we remember those who fought for our country, bled, and died. There are many . . . far too many in my country who know nothing or care nothing of the meaning of this day. To many, it's a day off work, it is a day to party, to drink, and to make asses of themselves, not so much as devoting a thought to the day's actual meaning and why they are able to live in relative security,peace, and prosperity. These were earned with the blood of many good men.

I would like to extend my hand to any person who ever served their country, no matter what country they served as soldiers, sailors, Marines, etc. . . This should not just be a day of rememberance in America as every country has its own who made the ultimate sacrifice so others would not have to. All warriors everywhere who take up arms are really brothers. We may wear different uniforms and oppose eachother at times, but we are all the same. I am not speaking for or of the politically motivated fanatics but the guardians of the people everywhere and I take this opprtunity to salute all of you, because though borders and ideology may seperate us, we are the same and bleed the same red blood.

Please, everyone in the US, remember what this day is all about. . . . at least give it a thought. Please, everyone, no matter what country you live in, remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for you and your country. Nobility knows no skin color, no one uniform, no one language. It is determined by action and that alone.

I realize this is a football forum, but I only wish to extend my friendship and admiration to fighting men and women everywhere. And this may anger some people, but there are bigger things than football. I do not mean to insult or belittle. It is just so.
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