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RedEagle said:

Dias da Cunha got his threat across in the begining of the season and it paid off.
Exactly - & notice now how no-one wants to touch on the subject. With such damaging allegations, wouldnt this guy be forced/pushed to explain himself in any other country.

Now that they got what they wanted - its all hush hush and all forgotten, no longer does da Cunha state corruption, now he thinks their all very fair - what a load of ****.

Lets remind our SCP neighbours who state that Benfiquistas are complaining too much over nothing, that they themselves with the leadership of their pres kicked up a HUGE stink over 1 game at the beginning of the season that aggrieved them. Thats when Dias de hypocrite stated he was going to reveal the corruption as he had evidence; but they expect us to say nothing over a full season of mistreatment & bodgy tactics that has a MAJOR financial bearing on our institution.

SLB took great risks this season, & to not make it into Euro we miss out on alot of much needed funds that Im sure management was counting on. So the impact of these rorts against SLB may be far more damaging than any of us may realise, for some time at least.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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