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Deano dont be too sure.

Our dominance on the track has taken a while to get to where it is.

I think it will take other countries at least 4 years to get upto our level, and dont forget, with new media coverage and sky sponsorship, we'll go from strength to strength.

I think I read that Britains aim was to finish 3rd in 2012. So were we'll on track for that.
Depends on Hoy and Wiggins... not saying GB will win some Golds already without them as they will, but 7 I am unsure... depends if these 2 are the same form as this year. GB wasnt the favourite in at least 2 of the events the won the track, which also says to me that some of the other teams were not on form, especially France who should have a great track cycling team. We will see... 4 years is a very long time as proven by GB winning so many more medals than 4 years ago. 47 medals is hard to beat and I still dont think GB will beat this next time.

Hopefully by 4 years Italy may actually have a track cyling team :rolleyes: A sport that used to bring a core of medals to Italy, doesnt even bring enjoyment, without a team.
121 - 122 of 122 Posts