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McManaman scored wonder goal!

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Anyone seen Macca's brilliant volley from outside the pnealty area v Valencia in the Champions' League Final?

Absolutely fantastic goal. At this form he is a certain starter for England - but he must be given the free role he played so well at Real. But the fear is that KK will stick him on the left and make him underperform, once again.
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I watched it, I celebrated, I'm happy.
Still not as good as his wonder goal versus Celtic though.
I can't believe everyone is going so over the top about such a flukey goal and about his performance.

He did ok, but Raul was the outstanding player on the pitch.

His goal was a fluke, a miss hit deflection that the keeper was unsighted for.

Don't you people have opinions of your own? Do you have to just repeat what the commentators on the TV/Radio tell you?
I'm glad for Macca.After all the years at Liverpool without winning something(exept mickey mouse cup)I really enjoyed seeing Macca play well yesterday and getting a goal.And a great goal it was.You'll never walk alone!
I'll post this again: GOD OWED MACCA A GOAL!
Macca was also voted as the MVP of the final.

What do you mean our own opinions, the fact is that Macca is my favourate player of all time. I grew up supporting a Liverpool team with a sh!te defence but knowing that we could win a game if Macca was given the ball. I suppose that they are not our own opinions because they do not correspond with yours.

Also define flukey because I'm sure the technique was superb and the accuracy was spot on. Also talking about just repeating what was on the tv wheree did you get the goalie unsighted theory from (Venables).
I agree with pool here. He's been my fav player in liverpool, and yup, I'm talking about liverpool who didn't win anything apart from that cup.
It's great to see him scored the goal, being instrumental on the field and finally lift the trophy. Is he the first english-foreigner to have win the CL? I was wondering about it cos there are not many englishmen abroad and I never heard about an english player that win something this major with a foreign club before. It was a great game. And that's my opinion, I do have a mind of my own, you know.
I had a Liverpool 95/96 (Adidas) jersey "17 - McManaman".

I had a Liverpool 96/97 (Reebok) jersey "7 - McManaman"

Though Berger is my current favourite player, Macca is the one player we all know who can do some magic for us when we have the likes of Tanner, Piecknik, Babb, Scales and Ruddock at the back. Fluke goal? C'mon why don't you try scoring with a scissor kick from outside the area, with at least eight bodies in the penalty box.
That is creepy LFC as I had the exact same on the same shirts, did you have Redknapp on the back of your away shirt in 95/96.

I also have McManaman 8 on the back of my Real M shirt.
Just to confirm my suspicion earlier.
Steve McManaman is the first Englishman to win a major europe trophy, aka CL with a foreign club. Considerin many failures of englishmen abroad, this is great for him.
gee... I don't have the shirts,scary! indeed.
was Keegan not with SV Hamburg when they won in 81?
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