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the contract has already been agreed and he will join the squad after agreeing a one year contract worht 25,000 a week..
there is an additional clause stipulating that if we reach the champions league..he will be given another year ...

so what do u guys think of this!??
personally i think he's a gd player...but i'm still surprised Gh wanted him!

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Free transfer - can't do any harm. Leads me to believe no big names will be bought for the centre of midfield this summer....although H. is a man who is difficult to predict.

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Oh right - shrewd move by H.

His contract is for a year of football with ption to extend. However he then becomes a COACH at Anfield!!!

I think that it is more his coaching potential that has made H make this move. Summer targets still on then.....

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I think it's a good move, he's a good experienced player, who might just have had the guile to guide us into the champions league this season.

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honestly i think he will bolster our midfield...but don't we already have too many central midfielders?!?

murphy, carragher, hammann, gerard, redders,..

i mean it's good to have so much competition..but wouldn't that just make redders leave!??especially with all the speculation running around him...

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me confused with this one. He was free but will he play? Not likely.

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I think that if he comes it will be 90% for the Coaching. H. is unhappy with the quality of the midfield in terms of tactical awareness and I think he is looking for someone to help teach the players how to conduct the midfield game. I can see the same being true for the defense(possible Arsenal defender perhaps?) and attack in the future.

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Where do you people get your information?

Mars? Venus? more like Uranus !

Where do you get the information that he has agreed a deal? Where does the information about his contract come from? Where do you get the idea he will be a coach?

Crikey ! It's like reading the Daily Mirror !

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Don't talk daft M.

Where about at Anfield is there any information about McAllister being a coach?

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Yes, McAllister is a confirmed Liverpool player. No contract is being signed yet though, as his contract with Coventry will end later next month.

The same applies to Arphexad.

Can anyone enlighten me though, on why can';t they sign "pre-contracts" like what Babbel has done?

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This is a bit long but it will end all arguments...personally I think its a great bit of management. McAllister is a top player.
Gary McAllister admits he cannot wait to start his new role as father figure
to England prospect Stephen Gerrard and the rest of Liverpool's young stars.

The former Scottish international passed a medical and will move to Anfield
on a free transfer officially when his Coventry contract expires at the end
of next month.

And the 35 year-old - Coventry's player of the season - claims he was
shocked when he was told that Liverpool chief Gerard Houllier wanted to sign
him on a one-year deal, with an extra season on top if the Merseysiders
qualify for the Champions League next season.

McAllister said: "This is fairy tale stuff for someone at my stage of life.
It did surprise me when Liverpool came in for me, but I have talked through
the specific role that Gerard Houllier wants me to have, and I am more than
happy with it."

McAllister will be given the responsibility of looking after Liverpool's
string of brilliant youngsters as they approach the toughest season of their
young lives.

And midfielder McAllister will have the special task of guiding teenager
Gerrard through a campaign where the Liverpool-born youngster will take on a
key role for club and country.

McAllister said: "It won't just be Gerrard, but all the youngsters.
Liverpool have got three cup competitions next season plus a tough
Premiership campaign.

"They are in the UEFA Cup and there will be a lot more games for them to
handle. The average age of their side last season was under 25, and that's
very young indeed for a top-flight club.

"The manager explained that there was a need for some experience around the
squad, an old head in the side.

"It's a tremendous challenge for me, and something that I really didn't
expect at this stage of my career. But I intend to grasp it and enjoy it, in
fact I wish the season could start straight away.

"If I can offer anything to help the younger players and their development,
that's fine by me."

He added: "Young Gerrard is already one of the best midfield players around,
and there's nothing he can't achieve in the game if he wants it. He's
already a very special player.

"Obviously I'm there to help him. But he can help me too. Playing alongside
him I will be able to bounce off him as much as he can bounce off me. I
can't wait for it all to start."

Houllier clearly sees McAllister as a quality, experienced, player that can
be utilised in his plans for squad rotation to spread the workload across
the heavy fixture congestion that is now a part of live for top players and
clubs who are also in European competition.

"I've just had my best ever scoring tally in the Premiership with 13 last
season, and I'm feeling as fit as ever," the Scot added.

"It's too early to say just how many games I will play, maybe people will be
surprised, but I aim to take this chance to pass onto the youngsters at
Liverpool the experience I have gained.

"Realistically I do not have much longer left at this level, and I can't see
me signing many contracts after this one. So it makes me more aware that
this is a great chance for me now, and I can't wait to get going. There are
so many great young players at Liverpool.

"With that sort of quality around me, maybe I can go on for a couple more
seasons yet, you never know."

The arrival of McAllister, plus the fact that Houllier used Dietmar Hamann
and Gerrard as his central midfielders - with Patrik Berger, Vladimir
Smicer, David Thompson and Danny Murphy contesting the other roles in that
department - has brought suggestions that Jamie Redknapp could be on his way
from the club.

Redknapp, currently with the England squad, missed much of last season with
knee problems and only figured in the final three games of the season after
being out since November.

But Houllier has persistently denied that he will be willing to sell any of
his emerging squad, claiming he needs a much bigger group of players to
handle the extra pressures that European football brings.

Chelsea and Tottenham have already been linked with Redknapp, but it is
believed that Houllier will resist attempts to attract his club captain away
from the club.

McAllister will be one of three free transfer Bosman moves arriving at the
club this summer. Leicester's reserve goalkeeper Pegguy Arphexad is set to
sign, along with Bayern Munich's Markus Babbel.
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