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Mayrleb and F(G)AK

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Do you FAK-Supporters think it's realistic that Svetits wants to get rid of Mayrleb at the end of this season? I just can't imagine that they want to rely on Rushfeldt and Linz who are quite similar players IMO.
And to be honest I don't want to see him in Graz next year...
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I can see this happen. He is fantastically expensive (Gehalt) and for sure is a trouble factor in the Gehaltsschema within the team. Also he kinda slips to a backup player, so the situation is not unsimilar to Lerant. We are building on wingers and we have two center forwards. I can see logic in the idea.
Well, I don't see the logic, because I see no chance of two center-forwards playing together successful. (I still can't think of any club playing with to center-forwards.) But I smell Svetits still has something to do with GAK (or wants to). Mayrleb still is able of scoring 20 goals a season and I prefer him over Gilewicz (who could be on his way to Vienna...) whenever you ask. And I see no point in money-problems, as new-comers Ziegler and Ratajczyk get (almost) similar wages.
It's all a little mysterious because what people at GAK say about Svetits doesn't sound very positive and grateful. But he definitely is and wants to stay involved at GAK in some way.
I understand that GAK looks for a striker as they already talk about losing Brunmayr for financial reasons in summer, but I don't see one of the most expensive players of the league being the right sollution in this situation. Personally I see Mayrleb as a Zeitbombe because of what I've heard about his discipline and relationship to coaches and I don't think his abilities are worth the risk.
Hm, I don't think Mayrleb is what you could call a "bomb" - he's egocentric, imo, but not that much that it would seriously harm the team. And I think he improved his "teamplay", as he now accepts that there are other strikers too at FAK who score goals.

And if Brunmayr leaves because of financial problems, Mayrleb isn't the solution, I believe! ;)
Well, tgv I still see logic in my statement (tonloads of wingers and two center forwards, not to play together, but two options) and also I see logic in arantes' statement. Mayrleb is a Zeitbombe, I think. For three reasons:

First he is actually fading.

Second he automatically gives trouble to the Gehaltsschema.

Third he is just the guy who loves to be on the mafia within a team (Hiden (full blown *******, what has he verloren at Admiral Sportwetten slotmachines together with Wohlfahrt (!!!) after midnight the day before a game and many many other days), Wagner, Mayrleb).

These three mafia guys killed quite a row of team mates/rivals in FAK over the years.
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