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May 14 , The Ultimate Experience!!!

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There I was in the stands, alone and sad,
Cursing human kind, badluck and faith,
When up from the sky I heard a voice,
it yelled at me, "Ao, relax, I'm not Juventino"!

It was the moon confused through the white and blu,
It had a smooth face from the best of feasts,
It smiled at me like a person in love,
With it's sweet eyes and dreamlike expression,
It said to me,"Don't worry my little eagle,
Today we will make them crash"!

Then it diasappeared without a trace,
But in it's place appeared the Sun,
It had an expression as if it was mad,
It yelled at me,"I have left from Perugia,
For they have to drown in the mud and remain desperate,
Because afterall the Saints haven't been bought.

I am the Sun and I always kiss the most beautiful,
That's why I'm here, my dear brothers",
I tried to ask who it was talking to,
But it disappeared above a large white cloud,
Accompanied by a sweet lovely melody,
And then all of a sudden out of the blu,
I looked at the sky and saw the Lord,
"Why?" I asked myself,"Why this great honour?"

Through the clouds I could see him pace,
And from his look he seemed happy and even a little clever,
He smiled at me and then also winked,
And He said to me,"I caused them a little caos,"
oh boy, the eternal father continued tough,
"I sent them down the worst infernal,
To roast their heads and their little asses."

I said, don't you have enough on your hands with nature and creation?
Now you even get mixed with Serie A and it's situation?
"I can't do anything about it, it was a big mistake,
When I created the Juventino and the romanista,
I remember it as if it was today,
I spent all day closed in the bathroom,
Sitting on the toilet, with severe pains in my stomach,
And then even Moggi came out from this sad circumstance.

I regret this badly and I now try to fix up this big mistake,
What you thought was dead is now alive again,
Because my beloved Laziale,
How much you have suffered only I know,
You deserve the proper reward,
As those who have will, love and Faith."

He then stayed quiet and moved his finger,
And moved to give way to the infinite sky.

I thought of this vision with great happiness,
When up from the sky came another surprise,
It wasn't someone from our creation,
I just got a glimpse, it was a normal soldier,
He had a feather on his hat,
He was riding a horse, with his very proud look.

And this is when the most amazing thing occured,
He kidnapped me and brought me to the 1900,
We were in Rome, in that special place,
Which gave origin to the ultimate race.

The Tevere whispered and flowed quietly,
I felt someone walking beside me, holding my hand,
The strong wind caressed our hair,
He said to me proudly," Pleased to meet you, my name is BIGIARELLI,
I am the one who for the last century,
That let's you live a dream that is not in Black and White,
I robbed our colors from this great blu sky,
To show you the INFINITE while he plays football."

He brought me through all those years,
I saw happiness, pain and so many rough times,
From up above they seemed even more beautiful.

Then the soldier said to me, "Have faith,
You've suffered immensily, but now it is MAY,
The month of LOVE, ROSES and FLOWERS",
And in the meantime CALORI was scoring against Juve!

The roman population continued to dream and sing,
And the emotions slowly were getting closer,
I closed my eyes and found myself in the stands once again,
Screaming like a mad man 100 times "CAMPIONI".

And now when I think about it all over again,
I don't know if it was just a dream or pure madness,
But I know one thing, that who is LAZIALE,
He knows the good, and he knows the evil,
And for this reason I now sing and dance,
And thank God for giving me this chance!!!

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very nice, this was a fantastic time for us. i remember both of our titles like was yesterday :)
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