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Matuzalem is a Parma player! Guardalben & Mora to stay at Piacenza, Bazzani to join?

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Matuzalem is a Parma player! Guardalben & Mora to stay at Piacenza, Bazzani to join?


In a meeting yesterday Parma bought the second half of Brazilian midfielder Franzelino Matuzalem from Piacenza. Matuzalem will be joining the rest of the team soon and is as of today a Parma player by full effect. Meanwhile, the co-property of left back Nicola Mora was renewed and goalkeeper Matteo Guardalben was divided in co-property between the two clubs so that means the two players will remain with Piacenza for one more year.

Piacenza also asked midfielder Jimmy Maini, defender Sergei Gurenko and the loan of striker Alberto Gilardino from Parma. Parma asked more time to consider the requests. Gurenko could be going to Verona in exchange for the second half of Anthony Seric who will be joining Parma anyway as soon as Croatia's WC is over. Maini is rated by new boss Cesare Prandelli and could stay while Gilardino could also stay in Parma as the 4th or 5th choice striker. In case Parma signs another striker and Di Vaio stays, Gilardino could very well spend the next season on loan at Piacenza.

Parma is trying to interfere the operation of Perugia for the capture of Fabio Bazzani. The situation is like that: Perugia and Venezia have the player in co-property but Venezia has the option to sign back Bazzani. However, Venezia is not interested in that so Perugia wants to buy Venezia's half by offering striker Cristian Bucchi in exchange. Parma will try to convince Venezia to exercise their option on Bazzani and then sell him to us. Young midfielder D'Imporzano and primavera striker Ruopolo could go to Venezia as part of the deals in co-property while primavera defender Vitiello could be going to Fiorentina on loan.
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Matuzalem and Seric are great news.

I don't know much about Bazzani, other then that he had a good season. Maybe it signals that Sukur will leave?
Gilardino should be loaned out for one more year.

Maini has played very little. If he would rediscover his Venezia form from a few years back, then I guess he would be nice to keep him. But I don't think that will happen. He's a good midfielder but not enough IMO. Irather give Appiah and Matuzalem the chance over him.
But on the other hand I wouldn't be surprised if Maini is to replace Lamouchi. :rolleyes:
signals that Sukur will leave

Blackburn back in for Turkish ace Sukur
tribalfootball.com - June 1, 2002

Blackburn Rovers boss Graeme Souness is hoping to bring his ex-Galatasaray striker Hakan Sukur to Ewood Park.
Sukur almost joined Rovers last season, only for the move to breakdown over his wage demands. Parma signed the Turkish international instead, but are now looking to sell him on with only a year left on his contract.

A bid of just £2 million could be enough to bring the prolific forward to Blackburn next season.
According to sportal.it Seric is going to Bologna, so I guess we will have Junior, Falsini and Benarrivo as left defenders next season
I've heard that we have sent Matuzalem back to Piacenza. Can that be true? :confused:

Which exactly are your sources on Matuzalem and Seric, Amo?

Sportal.it is THE bullsh!t site of the world. Pure garbage. But I guess Seric to Bologna could still be true...
Gialloblu: Bena's contract expires this summer, and there hasn't been any signs of him signing a new contract :(
The Matuzalem thing is official. All newspapers write it and at the Piacenza official site there is this forum where they write about it too. If you know italian you can use my username and password (username: Amo, password: amoroso). We solved the co-property in our favor by renewing Mora's co-property and selling them half Guardalben.

For Seric, Parma still hasn't met Verona about him, but first there were the comments of his manager twice on calciomanager.it and then there was Verona's president who talked in a Hellas Verona fans radioshow and said that although the club want to keep him, there will be a meeting with Parma to solve the co-property and that Parma want and will get the player because they're in Serie A etc etc.
Re: Matuzalem

15/5/2002 http://www.calciomanager.it/inews.asp?from=MER&newsid=8373

Alessandro Canovi, procuratore di Matuzalem, ha dichiarato in esclusiva a Calciomanager.it: "Entro pochi giorni si definirà la posizione del mio assistito. Piacenza e Parma siederanno al tavolo delle trattative e il giocatore dovrebbe rientrare in gialloblu. Per caratteristiche sposa perfettamente la politica parmense: è giovane, non ha un ingaggio elevato ed ha disputato un ottimo campionato".
Alessandro Canovi, manager of Matuzalem, has stated exclusively at calciomanager.it: "Within few days the position of my client will be defined. Piacenza and Parma will sit on the negotiations table and the player should return in Gialloblu. His characteristics match perfectly the Parma policy: he is young, doesn't have a big salary and has had an excellent championship".

31/5/2002 http://www.calciomanager.it/inews.asp?from=MER&newsid=9020

Incontro di mercato tra Parma e Piacenza. Il Parma si riprende il brasiliano Matuzalem, quest'anno in prestito e rinnova la comproprietà di Mora, che resta al Piacenza. Nel club di Garilli resta anche Guardalben. Il portiere era in prestito, adesso in comproprietà.
Transfer market meeting between Parma and Piacenza. Parma takes back the brazilian Matuzalem, this year on loan and re-news the co-property of Mora, who will stay at Piacenza. At the club of Garilli stays also Guardalben, the goalkeeper was on loan, now he is in co-property.

31/5/2002 www.calciomercato.it

Il Parma ha riscattato il cartellino del centrocampista brasiliano Matuzalem dal Piacenza. Nell'affare rientrano anche il difensore Nicola Mora e il portiere Matteo Guardalben. Per il primo e' stata rinnovata la comproprieta', mentre il secondo (quest'anno nel Piacenza in prestito) e' ora a meta' tra le due squadre. Il Piacenza ha inoltre chiesto ai gialloblu' anche l'esterno bielorusso Sergei Gurenko e il difensore Amedeo Mangone.
Parma got back the contract of the brazilian midfielder Matuzalem of Piacenza. In the affair re-enter also the defender Nicola Mora and the goalkeeper Matteo Guardalben. For the first the co-property was renewed, while for the second (this season on loan at Piacenza) its not in half between the two teams. Piacenza has also asked from Parma the Bellarussian full back Sergei Gurenko and the defender Amedeo Mangone.

Plus you can also check: http://www.piacenzacalcio.it/
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Good boy! :)
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