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Where can I find statistics of the just finished Primeira Liga season? I need statistics for the whole league, like best goalkeepers, strictest referee's, goals scored by foreigners... etc.
Not just the usual stuff, but more in depth stats... do you know any website that offers them? I presume it'll be some newspaper in Portugal, which did it on a 1 time basis when the season ended... any help would be greatly appreciated!

Plus I need information for 3 biographies:

Mario Jardel

Joao Pinto

Pauleta Resendes

so this would include some personal data, but also some interesting facts from their lives and careers. if you have anything that would interest me, please contact me at email
It'll get to me much faster by e-mail, because I don't visit Xtratime that often nowadays due to my limited time:depress:

thx in advance for all suggestions!:cool:
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