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2 April 2006

Dundee United

Craig Brewster, manager
Last Ten
[u][b]FORM: W  D  L  F  A[/b][/u]
      [B][COLOR=Green]2[/COLOR]  5  [COLOR=Red]3[/COLOR] 16  19[/B]
SPL Dundee Utd 2-2 Kilmarnock
SPL Dundee Utd 3-1 Livingston
SPL Hibernian 3-1 Dundee Utd
SPL Dunfermline 1-1 Dundee Utd
SPL Dundee Utd 2-4 Inverness
SPL Motherwell 2-0 Dundee Utd
SPL Dundee Utd 1-1 Hearts
SPL Celtic 3-3 Dundee Utd
SPL Dundee Utd 1-1 Aberdeen
SPL Dundee Utd 2-1 Falkirk

Dundee United are a strange proposition. They can beat the teams below them as they have proved beating Livi and Falkirk. They can also cause the top teams problems. They have beaten Hibs and taken points off Celtic, Hearts, Rangers and Kilmarnock. Yet they stuggle against the midtable sides. They seem to be better suited to defend in games than go out and win it. That is probably why they have drawn alot more than they have won but still they have lost almost half their games.

Since Craig Brewster took charge they have still been very inconsistant. This is why they are so far down the table despite having a better squad of players than alot of the teams above them. In players like Fernandez and Miller they have match winners.

In their last 22 games they have only kept one clean sheet and that was back at the start of Decemeber in a 1-0 home victory over Hibernian. It shows how vulnerable they are at the back but then again most teams in the SPL are this season including the old firm.


Eck, manager
Last Ten
[u][b]FORM: W  D  L  F  A[/b][/u]
      [B][COLOR=Green]4[/COLOR]  3  [COLOR=Red]3[/COLOR]  13 10[/B]
SPL Rangers 1-0 Dunfermline
SPL Hearts 1-1 Rangers
SPL Rangers 4-0 Kilmarnock
UCL Villarreal 1-1 Rangers
SPL Falkirk 1-2 Rangers
UCL Rangers 2-2 Villarreal
SPL Rangers 2-0 Hibernian
SPL Rangers 0-1 Celtic
SPL Aberdeen 1-0 Rangers
SCP Rangers 0-3 Hibernian

Rangers chalked up another win last weekend which was yet again less than impressive. The excuse could be given that this team know the league is over and change is afoot so lack motivation. Really though this has been their way all season. We all can't wait to see the back of this season and the back of the current manager.

Eck will most likely go with this lineup which does not seem to be working very well and especially not away from home. The only real point of contention is in the goalkeeping position. Will Eck stick with Klos or bring back the mullet?

                         [COLOR=Blue][B]Der Goalie[/B][/COLOR]

[img]http://img453.imageshack.us/img453/6265/huttonp6fn.jpg[/img]  [img]http://img435.imageshack.us/img435/6138/kyrgiakosp7ay.jpg[/img]  [img]http://img453.imageshack.us/img453/6285/jrodp8sm.jpg[/img]  [img]http://i2.tinypic.com/qpqscz.jpg[/img]
[COLOR=Blue][B]Hutton[/B][/COLOR]          [COLOR=Blue][B]Soti[/B][/COLOR]             [COLOR=Blue][B]J-Rod[/B][/COLOR]           [COLOR=Blue][B]Smith[/B][/COLOR]

                [img]http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/881/fergusonp7pc.jpg[/img]  [img]http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/7348/hemdanip0xb.jpg[/img]  
                [COLOR=Blue][B]Bazza[/B][/COLOR]            [COLOR=Blue][B]Hemdani[/B][/COLOR]        

[img]http://img435.imageshack.us/img435/6286/burkep2hk.jpg[/img]           [img]http://img435.imageshack.us/img435/4580/buffelp3eq.jpg[/img]        [img]http://img320.imageshack.us/img320/6866/prsop3ib.jpg[/img]
[COLOR=Blue][B]Burkey[/B][/COLOR]                   [COLOR=Blue][B]Tam[/B][/COLOR]                    [COLOR=Blue][B]Dado[/B][/COLOR] 

Head to Head- This season

Dundee United have yet to score against Rangers this season but still they have managed to take a point from them. Apart from the last 22 minutes at Ibrox Rangers have struggled to break down Dundee United this season and it could be the same this weekend. Even under new management I'd expect Dundee United to play on the counter.

Dundee United's last league win against Rangers came last season, 1-0, at Ibrox after they were given a 7-1 humping in the cup. The arabs last win in this fixture at Tannadice was a 2-0 on the 29th February 2004. That remains their only league win there over Rangers in the last 9 years. Rangers last won there in that same season with a 3-1 win on the 31st August 2003. That day Capucho, Arteta and Arveladze all scored two and a half years ago.

2005/06 SPL
Dundee United 0-0 Rangers

2005/06 SPL
Rangers 3-0 Dundee United
Buffel 68, Thompson 83, Lovenkrands 86

SPL Matchday 32 Fixtures

Saturday 1 April 2006

Dunfermline v Falkirk
Inverness v Aberdeen
Motherwell v Livingston

Wednesday 5 April 2006

Celtic v Hearts
Hibernian v Kilmarnock

Current SPL Table

[b]                      [u]P  W  D  L   F   A   GD  Pts [/u]
01.Celtic             31 25 04 02  83 30   53  79  
02.Hearts             31 18 08 05  60 26   34  62  
03.[color=blue]Rangers            31 16 08 07  54 33   21  56[/color] 
04.Kilmarnock         31 14 09 08  57 50   07  51 
05.Hibs               31 15 04 12  54 43   11  49  
06.Inverness          31 10 13 08  44 35   09  43 
07.Aberdeen           31 10 12 09  36 35   01  42  
08.Motherwell         31 11 08 12  48 53  -05  41 
09.Dundee U           31 07 11 13  37 52  -15  32  
10.Dunfermline        31 05 07 19  25 58  -33  22 
11.Falkirk            31 05 06 20  31 58  -31  21  
12.Livingston         31 02 06 25  17 69  -52  12   
Current SPL Top Scorers

[u][b]Pos Name              Club       Goals [/b][/u]
1.  [b][color=blue]Kris Boyd         Rangers[/color][/b]    [b][color=olive]22[/color][/b]
2.  [b][color=darkred]Rudi Skacel       Hearts[/color][/b]     [b][color=olive]16[/color][/b]
3.  [b][color=green]John Hartson      Celtic[/color][/b]     [b][color=olive]15[/color][/b]
4.  [b][color=blue]Peter Lovenkrands Rangers[/color][/b]    [b][color=olive]14[/color][/b]
=   [b][color=lime]Derek Riordan     Hibs[/color][/b]       [b][color=olive]14[/color][/b]
=   [b][color=green]Maciej Zurawski   Celtic[/color][/b]     [b][color=olive]14[/color][/b]
7.  Craig Dargo       Inverness  [b][color=olive]13[/color][/b] 
8.  [color=black]Steven Naismith   Kilmarnock[/color] [b][color=olive]12[/color][/b]
=   [b][color=green]Shaun Maloney     Celtic[/color][/b]     [b][color=olive]12[/color][/b]
10. [b][color=lime]Garry O'Connor    Hibs[/color][/b]       [b][color=olive]11[/color][/b]

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Its gonna be a toughy alright,I honestly cant see us going the rest of the season without dropping points,and I think we'll maybe snatch this with the odd goal in 3.
Enjoy your holiday,James de Bear.

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Nuno Capucho scored the last time we won there, I was reading today. So quite simply the hoodoo must end now

I'm confident it will actually. It's about time we beat them convincingly. I'm strangely optimistic.

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Hoping Utd can snatch at leat a point but I think Rangers will sneak it

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Fergie's last game mate, before he goes under the knife.

Team news is that Waterreus strolls back in at the expense of Klos, who saved our skin last week. An absolute joke and a half.

Burke out with an illness (let's hope it's not another year long one)

The lineup:


  Hutton      Rodriguez   Kyrgiakos      Smith

                Fergie    Hemdani




Haven't a bloody clue where the last four strikers will be playing on the park, so I've just staggered them :rolleyes:

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good result, but we should really have got more goals - if we manage to catch hearts on points then it's going to go down to goal difference IMO

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I never saw the game and had to endure Scotsport SPL for the highlights. I was taken aback when I heard the score- never saw that one coming. Judging by the highlights Boyd could have had two hattricks on Sunday and we could have won by alot more.

As TB said the goal difference is a concern. It's as good as a 7 point, or 4 at the moment, advantage. The goal difference isn't something I see us making up so we are going to need to take a point more than the media have been suggesting we need. We still have to go to Easter Road and Celtic Park where it will be hard enough getting points nevermind goals.
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