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A classic one, derbi and a cellar that burns

By Rafael Flowers

Neither Barcelona nor Real Madrid are such of the first return. The Catalans, after which they did in Portugal in the Champions, are not nor the shade of the train that coiled to Madrid in the Bernabéu. It is certain that Liga is another competition, but also Madrid arrives at the Bernabéu with the precedent of the 4-0 as opposed to the Depor. It gives force them, but nonsecurity. The eyes will be centered in this party: Barcelona, to win, could already proclaim champion, whereas Madrid, second adjust in the table and 11, wants, at least, to give to the image of which does not resign.

But Madrid is not single in that of the second position. Osasuna, its shade, will want to take revenge the defeat of the last weekend. Or the ' Basque' Aguirre said who bothers to him that they ask to him for the second place or the Champions, but is that the Mexican is not wanted to disperse of his objective thinking about the possibilities. Anyway, this season already is gain for those of Pamplona, that will have difficult front to the Getafe discomfort, to which must visit. The other that walks behind the second position is the Valencia. Its relapse in the results has made it descend until the fourth position. His trainer, Quique, have made a call not to go down the arms: "Instead of getting depressed we, still can have left seconds", said. Consolation goes, but consolation to the aim... It faces will have to the Cadiz, perhaps more dangerous by the pressure of the reduction.

Everything stay in family

In Sevilla, the things do not go well. The brothers of the city do not take well, and this weekend the destiny will face them in derbi: the Betis and Seville have divided to the city, but this nonsingle shock has connotations of simple rivalry. The question goes further on when in the classification both are pressed: the Betis, obvious, not to be so down, and Seville, to give sprint final in this closing of League. Perhaps and it obtains a better position. Good, so it is the sense of expectancy of this derbi, that in the better houses could be moved up to five million euros in honor to these two.

Another showy duel in day 31 is the one that will face the Celta and the Athletic one. The celestial ones follow in their eagerness to assure European positions, whereas the colchoneros, that could be playing their last lined parties like, want to go out that ninth place where already they seem to take roots. This time, if the Athletic one does not win, is pressed reason why the Depor (wounded by its last presentation in the Bernabéu) with the Racing or, even, which can do the tired Villarreal obtains against the Zaragoza. The submarine could accuse the fatigue that implied the party of Champions with the Inter.

Those of down

The Real Society and the Malaga will carry out, perhaps, the bloodiest party of the day: they are scared by the ghost of the reduction, and it is not time to lose or to add a miserable point. Both go to by the three. The Native of Alava and the Majorca are not saved either, while the Athletic and the Espanyol, their respective rivals, are not either for giving greater thing to them.

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Jornada nº31 de Liga · 01-02/04/2006

Jornada nº31 de Liga · 01-02/04/2006

Zaragoza 0-1 Villarreal

Roger slowed down the european inspirations of Zaragoza

0-1 Roger, 44'

Real Sociedad 3-0 Málaga

The Malaga close to Second division after fall so easily

1-0 Ansotegi, 36'

2-0 Skoubo, 68'

3-0 Xabier Prieto, 81'

Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid

And point

1-0 Ronaldinho, 21'

1-1 Ronaldo, 36'

Alavés 0-0 Athletic

Annoying and less football in Mendizaroza

Mallorca - Espanyol

Playing with fire in Son Moix

Osasuna 0-4 Getafe

The reign was the Getafe

0-1 Paunovic, 34'

0-2 Vivar Dorado, 37'

0-3 Paunovic, 53'

0-4 Pernía, 62'

Valencia 5-3 Cádiz

Festival of goals

1-0 Villa, 01'

1-1 Enrique, 11'

2-1 Angulo, 33'

3-1 Navarro, 35'

4-1 Angulo, 56'

4-2 Jonathan, 63'

5-2 Villa, 64'

5-3 Jonathan, 78'

Deportivo 2-0 Racing

Iago Iglesias brings the Depor to victory

1-0 Capdevilla, 18'

2-0 Iago, 55'

Atlético 0-3 Celta

The credits are over

0-1 Lequi, 69'

0-2 Baiano, 81'

0-3 De Ridder, 93

Betis 2-1 Sevilla

Some rest for Betis in a polemical derby

1-0 Robert, 15'

1-1 Saviola, 28'

2-1 Varela, 43'

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Some very nice matches, think about Valencia-Cadiz, eight goals, that doesn't happen a lot, Jonathan's goal from that match looks nice. Just as Xabi Prieto's one.

What happened at Osasuna-Getafe btw, impossible results :googly:.
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