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Flavor of long ago in a day concentrated in Wednesday

By Gregorio Garci'a

The last quarter of Liga starts in an atypical day in half of the week in which an illogical saturation of parties of Wednesday takes place at night, since except for the Barcelona-Getafe that goes ahead to Tuesday and the Atletico-Sevilla that is delayed to Thursday, the other eight parties are concentrated in the same hour strip. With the habits to the distribution of days and schedules during the week ends, twentieth ninth day will be complicated to follow with attention this, that remembers to those of long ago, when almost all the parties disputed Sunday in the evening to the same hour.

With the league title practically sentenced, nobody with two soccer fingers front thinks that the Barça is going away to relax and that Real Madrid, Valencia or Osasuna will be able to take advantage of it, and with the Champions almost also tied and or tied, the battle appears by the second position, zone the UEFA and, mainly, to elude the reduction.

The margin of it, up to six equipment they face this day with the objective to obtain the plenary session in this so intense week. Athletic, Barcelona, Sport, Osasuna, Racing and Zaragoza are the sets that added the three points weekend the past and that aspire to obtain the nine that is in game in the margin of these seven days. For some of them, case of the Cantabrians and the vizcaínos, could mean to give by resolved the season, whereas for Navarrese azulgranas and it would not make but ratify his impressive trajectory. In the case of the Gallegos and maños it would let to them with the objective obtain the almost obtained passport to Europe.

Revenge of cup and ill of the good one

The encounter of Zaragoza and Valencia, that receives to Real Madrid and Villarreal, respectively, appear for both visitors like a good opportunity to settle ' debts' cups, specially bleeding in the case of first, that they remained in doors to accede to the end that them could have saved the undergone season because of famous the 6-1 in the same scene which they will visit this Wednesday. Certain it is that they remained to a goal of the overcome one in the Bernabéu, but that ' magical' lasted a party little and more.

It will not lack ill in this day either. It would lack more! Thus, the Deportivo one will receive to the colist of Liga, a Malaga that has only gained a party in last the sixteen days, and it will make it with urgent the necesida one gain finally a party in Riazor, since their triumphs visitors are not going to serve to him to reach Europe if it does not authenticate them before his liking. And it is that those of Caparrós, to the margin of the deception copear of the last week, accumulate a total of sies divided in house without adding the three points and with pathetic balance of... 2 points.

Another ration of suspense will be the one that is lived in the Reyno of Navarre, where a Osasuna sent and to a single point of the second seat receives a Real Sociedad that has located itself to a point of the reduction and above it has been surpassed by his neighbors of the Athletic. Donostiarras has only gained a party of last the six and in its last nine exits they have added only... four points. Nevertheless, he is inevitable that arises rumors whenever equipment of the North in the final straight line of the championship faces. Malpensado? Surely...

Perhaps a little more - good, a little complicated one does not have the Betis with its visit to Santiago Bernabéu. It is certain that in Real Madrid there is no stability in no term: the technical body with so many names staggers that do not let sound; the director staggers, who insists on not summoning to elections and that until there are who autopostulan themselves to the president position; a group also staggers which the ' Galaxy' has become a constellation of critics. Of all ways, to the Betis the stage of Madrid does not go to him well. Perhaps with the pressure it raises forget it. Or, and perhaps better for the spectacle, both equipment, pressed, gives to the liking a party to him that is worth the trouble to see.

And in case it lacked something, the Athletic of Javier Clemente receives to the Espanyol to which it has directed the one of Barakaldo in two different stages. A single point separates to them in the classification and the threat of the reduction threatens both. And the Cadiz confronts his third ' final' consecutive in the fight by the permanence. After adding a single point before Athletic and Alave's it will visit a Mallorca that still is lost of the hand of Gregorio Manzano. Preoccupation 0en the Ramon de Carranza.

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[B]Jornada nº29 de Liga · 21-22-23/03/2006[/B]

Jornada nº29 de Liga · 21-22-23/03/2006

Barcelona 3- 1 Getafe

The Barça doesn't hide themselves

0-1 Nano, 04'

1-1 Matellán, 21'

2-1 Etoo, 51'

3-1 Etoo, 68'

Alavés 1-0 Celta

Aloisi gave a gold victory to Alaves

1-0 Aloisi, 86'

Valencia 1-1 Villarreal

Cañi what rescues !

1-0 Baraja, 37'

1-1 Forlán, 69'

Mallorca 1-0 Cadiz

The Mallorca goes far from the relegation zone

1-0 Víctor, 15'

Betis 1-0 Racing

1-0 Edú, 37'

Osasuna 2-0 R.Sociedad

Osasuna sinks the Real

1-0 Muñoz, 05'

2-0 Puñal, 89'

Deportivo 2-1 Málaga

Overcoming which finishes with laugh at home

0-1 Duda, 35'

1-1 Víctor, 54'

2-1 Víctor, 70'

Zaragoza 1-1 Real Madrid

1-0 Diego Milito, 47'

1-1 Ronaldo, 91'

Athletic 1-1 Espanyol

Yeste rescue one point for the Athletic

0-1 Juanfran, 38'

1-1 Yeste, 95'


0-1 Puerta, 75'

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You're quick with the pics, thanks!

Juanfran scored from outside the 16 metres box? Then it must have been a true counter...
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