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The 19 desperation of and the tranquillity of one
By Rafael Flowers

The Villarreal and the Athletic one of Madrid have something in common. Both they have a respectable rise within Liga, but also they share a sensation of inconformidad with that. The prize that they look for is not indeed light taps in the back... go to by the participation in the Champions League of the next year. With that objective between eyebrow and eyebrow, both will have to measure this weekend.

It is certain, which has done the Athletic one of Madrid is commendable. If his first presentations in Liga (of the hand of Carlos Bianchi) were looked like those of these last days, the colchoneros, perhaps, would be fighting put with the Valencia, Real Madrid and Barcelona. But, for his desfortuna, must conform to thin a eighth place (with 41 points).

But also it is certain that it does not turn out preposterous to think about giving to the Villarreal a new opportunity him at the Maxima competition of European clubs. Its main argument is the work that is doing in the present one, where already was classified to quarterfinals, something that they have not been able to do others like Real Madrid, the Bayern Munchen, the Manchester... and what to say of the champion that no longer will be defending, the Liverpool. Then the pupilos of Pellegrini are writing a history with yellow letters, and they do not want to him to put the point and final.Pues this shock is sweetened with the similarities between both. Eye, that both is in rise.

First in the tail by the Champions it is Osasuna and, although their 49 points can give certain tranquillity him, cannot FIAR of his nearer pursuers (Seville and Celta), who to the smaller negligence him could snatch the position. For fortune of those of Pamplona, his more recent triumph on the leader, by 2-1, makes breathe with more tranquillity this week. The Mexican Javier Aguirre prepares the party against the Espanyol with the idea to follow in the escape of those annoying places, the 5 and the 6. And - why to not perhaps reach to both that seconds go. Single total... is to three points.

After the track of Osasuna

For that reason it is that the Celta does not want to lose the track to him to the set of Pamplona. All the row that has been caused by the case of dopaje of Giovanella, and that has ended at the suspension of the player during two years, could have a momentary lightening east weekend. The trainer of the equipment already said to it, Fernando Vázquez: "I do not believe that the yield of the equipment lowers" (although yes criticized the punishment that received its player). Under that premise, they will receive to it jeopardize Athletic, that occupies square 16 and is in favor above hardly of four points of the last place.

And Seville. Then the nervionense equipment has an eye put in Liga and another one in the Glass of the UEFA, mainly now that it has cleared from the way to French Lille and that, for the first time in its history, accedes to quarterfinals of the UEFA. Without a doubt, the moral of the sevillistas will walk by clouds this weekend. In Liga, they will receive to the complicated Majorca, from which they could remove benefit in Sanchez Pizjuán, same scene where this Wednesday rejected to Lille.

They suffocate in the cellar

The fight in the low zone of the table has become bloody. Between the Native of Alava (17) and the single Malaga (20) there are four points of distance. If we put the table of positions the other way around, the most attractive party of the week would be the one of the Cadiz against the Native of Alava. To single a point of the Native of Alava, the gaditanos have the superb possibility of using their house to climb although it is a position in the cruel benches of the cellar. Its only obstacle in the company could be the loss of Matías Pavoni, that was injured and will be outside call a month at least.

Perhaps a little more - good, a little complicated one does not have the Betis with its visit to Santiago Bernabéu. It is certain that in Real Madrid there is no stability in no term: the technical body with so many names staggers that do not let sound; the director staggers, who insists on not summoning to elections and that until there are who autopostulan themselves to the president position; a group also staggers which the ' Galaxiá has become a constellation of critics. Of all ways, to the Betis the stage of Madrid does not go to him well. Perhaps with the pressure it raises forget it. Or, and perhaps better for the spectacle, both equipment, pressed, gives to the liking a party to him that is worth the trouble to see.

But still more perhaps worried that the Betis is the Malaga, an equipment that has become the Maxima expression of the desperation. The subject that stuns the players is even the one of the renovations. Nobody wants to speak clear about that, since the club beside the point is threatened, and nobody wants to make business to play in Second. In the middle of that, the words from breath of the technician come, who considers like only via "leaving to win" the Zaragoza as opposed to.

While, the maños live, in spite of shining their name in the average table, one of their better moments. They will play the end of the Glass of the King against the Espanyol and this brings to them you vibrate enviable. Muñoz, its trainer, already prepares the line of three with which it will go of visit against the Malaga. That supposes that, in spite of not being in house, it is going away to send to by the party with a thrown scheme to the attack. To see what leaves to him.

The tranquillity of Barcelona

While there is that suffers - good, 19 -, so single one are others - one that it shines with tranquillity. He is the unique one that has advantage of nine on his nearer pursuers and is unique that can be given the luxury to aim towards the title with more security. It is certain that in the last day they lost with Osasuna, but also is necessary to evaluate the general yield of Barcelona. The Catalans will visit the Real Sociedad, a picture that goes in frank escape of the positions of down.

To Barcelona little he concerns that to him. This weekend will try to take revenge his more recent defeat and the one that stands to him opposite is not an equipment that is characterized by its regularity. To the Catalans it is not suitable confies to them of those nine points that it has of advantage, mainly because the Valencia and Madrid, at least of speech, not yet leaves Liga, and they cling to a platonic love of a championship that already almost is painted of azulgrana. Good, the Valencia, if it has in fact not resigned, will have to exceed to the Racing.

The day closes the duel of a waist without curves, between the Getafe and the Sport one. These last single they want to forget that to average week they said good bye to him to the UEFA Cup, although the Getafe still has a hope to enter this competition.

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Matchday nº28 de Liga · 18-19/03/2006

Getafe 1-2 Deportivo

Excessive prize for the Depor

0-1 Víctor, 29'

1-1 Pachón, 57'

1-2 Xisco, 72'

R. Sociedad 0-2 Barcelona

The way to the title is more and more closer

0-1 Larsson, 07'

0-2 Etoo, 51'

Villarreal 1-1 Atlético

The Atletico catched one point from the Madrigal

1-0 Forlán, 09'

1-1 Fernando Torres, 57'

Espanyol 2-4 Osasuna

Osasuna finished the fantastic week of Espanyol

1-0 Tamudo, 19'

1-1 David López, 24'

1-2 Webo, 37'

1-3 Milosevic, 38'

2-3 Luis García, 66'

2-4 Muñoz, 79'

Racing 2-1 Valencia

The Valencia turn on the Mascleta

1-0 Damiá, 16'

2-0 Ayoze, 66'

2-1 Villa, 75'

Málaga 0-1 Zaragoza

The Malaga is sinking a bit more

0-1 Ewerthon, 91'

Sevilla 1-1 Mallorca

The Mallorca is still on streak

1-0 Saviola, 35'

1-1 Okubo, 70'

Cádiz 0-0 Alavés

The match for the permanence is finishing by a tie

Real Madrid 0-0 Betis

The Madrid is not still clear

Celta 0-1 Athletic

The Athletic is taking oxygene

0-1 Aduritz, 06'

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Luis Garcia and Munoz scored great goals in a great match.

Also Damía's move was fine.

And Athletic is in 14th place :D.
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