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Matchday 10

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Those of you who intend on using Juventus and Genoa players, please get your line-ups in by kick-off on Thursday.
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Scoring assignments:

Amiumtaur - Romanista10
Thotobald - Andrey
ilgenio - Osman

Pavel - saviola
Anomander Rake - Pietro

Deano - CinqueDiMaggio
naervod - ac milan foreva
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Finally, the most explosive attack in the league takes on the meanest defense, though for all the goals my team has scored, I'm ashamed of their shambolic defending :groan: 12 friggin goals conceded... WTF :wallbang:

And seeing that the most likely goalscoring source for both Osman & me comes from Juve & Genoa players respectively, we could even have a pre-mature showdown before the weekend :excited:
I suppose we can make still changes to our lineup after the Juve - Genoa game if none of the changes involve players of these 2 teams?
I suppose we can make still changes to our lineup after the Juve - Genoa game if none of the changes involve players of these 2 teams?
Yes, you can make revisons to the line-up after Thursday as long as its not to the Juve-Genoa players.
Said it would be you or Ano, would have preffered Ano for sure :pp

Though its a good week to meet your Milito, Genoa suck away from home, and Juves defence are likely to get cleansheet at home. And jackpot if Ronnie is benched for 2 strikers formation ;) My "mean defence" is uncertain this week though, due to the Rome derby.

And yeah, regarding changes. You can allways change players aslong as the player you want to change hasnt started his game.





Bench: Amelia, Kuzmanovic, Marchionni, Mannini, Rinaudo, Van den Borre, Potenza.
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------------Capelli---------Juan--------Di Loreto-----------




BENCH: Castillo, Brienza, Bombardini, Burrai, Felipe, Muslera

INJ: Palombo, Bombardini, Parola, Maldini, Zapata
HOL: Missirolo, Savini
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Matchday 10: Amiumtaur - AS Ripi

AS Ripi (3-4-1-2)

-------------------------#83 Rubinho---------------------------

------#6 Lucchini--------#24 Silvestre-------#90 Portanova-----

#11 Maggio-----#19 Cambiasso-----#30 Simplicio------#16 Kharja

---------------------------#22 Kakà----------------------------

------#10 Totti (C)-----------------------------#9 Vucinic------

Bench: #32 Maccarone, #18 Gasbarroni, #14 Galloppa, #5 Conti,
#8 Garics, #4 Kaladze, #73 Scarpi

Suspended: None

Injured: #23 Modesto

Not Called (Coach's Decision): #7 Vigiani, #13 Ferrari, #20 Valdes
#25 Martinez
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Well, maybe we should avoid mentioning the number of teams in case it changes in the future? Other than that it's fine, if no one else wants to suggest a description I will add it to the forum later today.
Even if we lose managers, there are always those on the "waiting list". Since no one disagrees, I say add the description to the forum. :pp
Matchday 10 lineup (vs Osman)

Cicinho - Bonera - Samuel - Jankulovski
D'Agostino - Codrea - Seedorf
Amoruso - Milito​

Bench: Adailton, Bresciano, Ambrosini, Brocchi, Sardo, Terzi, Sorrentino
Must change formation plus insist with the Lazio defence again (the only Lazio player I want to play in Foggia is constantly benched :groan: ), because Talamonti is injured and De Ceglie benched.




--------------------------Del Piero :star: ----------------------------


BENCH: Foggia, Balotelli, Menez, Barreto, Motta, De Ceglie, Belardi, .

Stands: Zebina, Talamonti, Rossi, Fornaroli, Quaresma.
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Comotto---------Cannavaro-----Radu----------J. Zanetti--------





Bench: Rosina, Lanna, Bogdani, Antonioli, Almiron, Milanetto, Kroldrup
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bench: Arthur, Bianchi-, Zanchetta, Pasquale, Rossi, Cirillo, Corradi
Campagnolo; Bellini, Mexes, Mandelli, Tonetto; Perrotta, Vieira; Pepe, Miccoli, Langella; Iaquinta

Bench: Fiorillo, Canini, F. Pisano, Donadel, Esposito, Cerci, Di Vaio





Bench: Budan, Coppola, Balzaretti, Luciano, Pellissier, Mantovani, Diamoutene

Resting: Nesta, C. Zanetti, Raggi, Poulsen, Cacia
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Team: Malinwa


Palladino -------------------------Sanchez



Bench: Calaio' - Bentivoglio - Olivera - Mudingayi - Malago' - Valdez - Storari

Stadium : Guarente- Mingazzini - Chivu-Bernacci - Senderos
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Amauri again. I need Criscito to be removed before Juventus scores a third.
Imagine I was foolish enough to have wanted to play Marco Rossi of Genoa (because he is the only starting SM for me this round) until I reconsidered in the last second ;) This Genoa will concead 3 goals.

And Del Piero assisted a goal atleast, now time for the freekick :hopeful:
You lucky bastard Il genio :howler: Genoa gets a very cheap pk in the 90th minute which Milito scores, plus it takes away my cleansheet, hehe (though it sucks hard for andrey mostly with his whole Juve defence :D).

Our head to head star strikers in this game, Milito scored, but Del Piero didnt. Though Del Piero will get more pts because assisted twice :shades: ;)
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