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No, I'm not at all happy! :mad:

Canada is out of the World Cup unless they can beat Japan - the team that beat Argentina 6-0 and made it look easy.

Canada has come out flat two games in a row, now. How could they not be motivated, playing in the WC against Germany, and then playing against the bottom-ranked team in the tournament, knowing they need a lop-sided score to improve their goal differential? What does it take to get them "up" for a match?

What on earth was Even Pellerud thinking, starting a 4-2-4 formation? Canada's weakness in the midfield was evident in the match against Germany. They were getting beaten to the ball, and they couldn't supply the ball to the forwards. So why reduce the MF to 2 players for the next match?

Not only that, the team has no experience playing with that formation. Why start coming up with wacky experimental formations in the middle of a World Cup?

And even with 4 strikers, Canada could only manage 2 goals plus a penalty kick. What's Pellerud going to do for the Japan game? Five strikers? Six?

Ther players didn't know what to do. They were sloppy, undisciplined, and lacked co-ordination and communication.

Canada's most experienced, and arguably best player, Charmaine Hooper, has been put on defence, where she becomes just another inexperienced player. As if Canada doesn't have enough of those!

Pellerud has stacked the lineup with callow teenagers and divested the team of its experienced players.

I think he's got to resign. I predict that a week from now he will be gone.
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