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really guys i'm SOOO happy for this match the only thing was missing
is scoring goals ,we dominate the game from the first minite the game was for us 100%
bolivia played in anoying style they were in the defence line from the first minite
they make anoyable argentina was attacking agianst 11 defenders and with all of this
we LOST A GREAT CHANCES ,GOALS CHANCES we showed a great skills espesially kily
in the defence we had the leader AYALA and the captin senseni(who made a great job
with his mates in defence)and SAMUEL ,OUR defence was great attack and defence and covering
our medfeild
ZANETTI was good but most of the time he was silence in attack
KILY i think he was man of the match HE was everywhere defence and attack his skills and his speed
it is unbeilvable si
SIMEONE maybe he was the worst player in argentina he made alot of wrong passes and he wasn't controled
the match as it suppose
VERON he made some wrong passes otherwise he was unbeleivable he was moving everywhere attack
and defence HE IS GREAT and he made alot of good moves
ORTEGA he wasn't as i want him to be but he was good he trying hard in the pitch and made some good
BATI he was doing good ,even he was pressed on the defenders to took the ball he shoot 2 free kicks
i think there was the most buetiful thing in the game
LOPEZ really i like this player he is always RUNING,i mean it guys he is always runing for good
or not for good he is always running,he made alot of spaces to another argenteniaan players

G.LOPEZ it is good to saw him scored ,
AIMAR i'm happy to saw him in the pitch and i'm happy from beilsa a lot
to put his confedence in aimar ,we were losing(not wining) when he came to the pitch
thats mean that BIELSA beleive in aimar to change the result
whhat i saw from aimaar :he was moving good in the right and in the left
he took 2 or 3 fouls and took a corner

ALMEYDA it is good to saw him playing ffor argentina and maybe the coach bring him
in to make him ready for the next match i think he must be insted in simeone
guys i like simeone alot and he deserve to be in the starting 11 (but not insted of almeyda)

my rating
bonano 6,senseni 7,ayala 7,samuel 7
zanetti 6.5,simeone 5.5-6,kily 7.5 ,veron 7
ortega 6.5,bati 6.5,lopez 6.5-7 ,G.lopez 6.5

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My ratings for the match would be as follows:
Bonano (5)
Ayala (5)
Sensini (6)
Samuel (4)
Zanetti (4)
Simeone (4)
Verón (5)
González (7)
Ortega (4)
Batistuta (4)
Claudio López (6)

We simply didn't play well. The coordination was quite poor, and the midfield and attack were lacking in goal scoring opportunities.

I am sure, we'll play better against Colombia.

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i just dont know how can there be no attack when we have the best bunch of players in the world...they all have enough talent to beat a few defenders each.....argentina should be able to have alot of chances against lesser teams because that is how we would make a name for ourselves by the next wc.

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u r tooo harsh liike futbolargentnio site
i think it simeone who played bad
and some bad moments from veron
JUST that
the luck was ZERO to us thatss what happened

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Maradona said teh same thing...Simeone, Zanetti and another guy were awful he said.
Were did you see thagem in NY? I'm living in Miami abnd I can't find a place to see the WC! :(

Pelo Corinthians, com muito amor ate o fim.
A Corrente Jamais Sera Quebrada!
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