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Match fixing could lead to league freeze

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Dramatic turmoil in the Cohen investigaton

According to the morning papers there's been a dramatic turmoil in the Yisrael Cohen investigation with evidence which tie him with the so much speaked rigged Haifa derby. If he is indeed guilty the idea of freezing the league seems closer then ever.
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Freezing shouldn't happen! Doesn't matter who what or where, freezing will destroy the league!
Still, if Cohen rigged that game it did effect the title and relegation batttles!!
Is cohen still playing for hapoel haifa??? :)

This issue is sooo old, i completely forgot about it! What is he going to do soon?
If anything, the famous 'rigged' match damaged Hapoel Haifa and Hapoel Tel Aviv more then any other team at the bottom that asked to 'freeze' the league. What it could lead to though is that we might find out more rigged league matches this season and then it would really be one big mess. :eek:

Kappa: Cohen is currently without a club but he is looking for ways to sue Hapoel Haifa between the police investigations he is invited to...
how is Cohen planning on suing Hapoel Haifa?!?!?!?!?!

Can he perhaps play at...maybe......the LOWER LEAUGES Of some Euro teams like France or Germany??? Even spain, maybe? :)

I wouldn't mind having a player like cohen go rigg a Halifax Utd vs. Oxford Utd game :)
If Cohen goes to Beit Shean, we will win the Liga Leumit promotion and come to bloomfeild stadium, to whip and whipe out Hapoel Tel Aviv 7-0!!!!!!!!!!!

They'll have to be promoted to the Leumit first hahaha.

Kappa, you're just showing more and more that you have no clue what you're talking about.
I have a clue :D

Saying if he would be on a loan or would have been loaned than after words they would buy him, secure a spot and by next season ends, we would have beit shean in t here glory days of 1994!!!!!!

Match fixing probe could lead to league freeze

From Ha`aretz
Bosses of two lower league teams were beaming at IFA headquarters yesterday. One from the National League and another from the third division appeared to suggest there is a good chance the league structure is to change: the current 12-team divisions would be increased to 14, or even to 16 clubs, at the end of the current season.

The issue is not on the agenda of Israeli soccer's leading decision makers, but unofficially, it is about the only thing on people's minds.

The reason behind the move is not for positive reasons, but rather due to match-fixing allegations currently rife in the local soccer world. Police are said to have evidence of a broad network of illegal betting of top local soccer fixtures.

Hapoel Haifa defender Yisrael Cohen, currently under investigation for alleged match fixing, could hold the key to the situation. If charges are brought against him and others, clubs will call for a freeze of promotion and relegation, claiming that not only matches involving Hapoel Haifa, but also other matches may have been decided in an unsporting manner.

Ha'aretz reported Wednesday that the Haifa derby - in which Cohen became a clear suspect after committing several penalties in the game's dying moments, the last of which was awarded - is not the only match suspected to have been fixed. Police also claim to have evidence that match fixing goes far beyond that one match, but they are still not in a position to issue indictments.
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