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While the Joao Pinto maelstrom continues to swirl around Estadio da Luz, the club is still working on next year's squad. As such, Marchena of Sevilla has signed with the club for four years. Marchena, along with Yugonational Dudic are expected to bolster the central defense. This probably means Paulo Madeira will be gone soon, as well.

Someone mentioned that Machairidis is unhappy and looking to leave. If he stays, expect Ronaldo to leave, too. If he goes, Ronaldo may move into the defensive midfielder role which would be vacated when/if Calado leaves.

I think this is a good move for the club. The defense was extremely suspect the second half of the season, and this should help the club in that area. The question now is: what are they going to do for the outside back positions?
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