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dose any body saw today match ..luther matues match
wow guys even though he is the older player and his problems he is the best wutever he did
he made the goal great great great touches
his great passes , moves ..wut else
i cant beleive maradona ....
nomber 1 he just showed that he is nomber one
viva maradona

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Were did you see this game, on which channel any chance of a re-run ?

And I totally agree, Maradona Is the living God of football, King of Kings forever.

Long live the King. :) :) :)

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Hi, I have taped this match. If anybody is
interested in, you can sent me an E-mail and
I´ll send you a copy of it. You only have
to pay for the empty video cassette. There´s
the match and also interviews with Lothar
Matthäus, Maradona, Klinsmann and a lot of
other player´s on it.


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i saw the match on dubai channel
i was dying to see maradona
and this man just cant disappoint me

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it is so great to read all this great news about it being great. as a little kid, i always wanted to be like maradona. it was like a dream for me and to hear that he did something positive from his problems, it just makes me very happy and proud of him.

he is the king of football.
the greatest player alive!
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