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Maradona Jr: Del Piero My Idol

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Maradona Jr: Del Piero My Idol

Diego Maradona Jr, son of the Argentine legend, has revealed that his idol is Juventus symbol Alessandro Del Piero.

Maradona Sr

Maradona Jr was born in 1986 as a result of an affair between Maradona Sr and a young Neapolitan woman.

The 21-year-old has never had a relationship with his father, and the pair only met for the first time five years ago during a golf tournament in Naples.

“With my genetic father there is no kind of relationship,” Diego Jr told Calcio 2000.

“We met once in Fiuggi in 2003, something that everyone knows. But true relations there have never been.”

Maradona Jr has since adopted the surname of his mother, Sinagra, and the youngster admits that he has carried a heavy burden due to his father.

"In fact this has created more problems than advantages,” he explained.

“There has been much scepticism, I am aware of carrying a heavy surname in the world of football, but I am different from my father. Not many players like him are born.

“I on the contrary, am like most players, I have to train every day to improve. And improving can erase many of the prejudices that have been built up."

Del Piero

Sinagra, who currently plays for Serie D side Venafro, went on to reveal that his footballing idol is Juventus’Alessandro Del Piero.

"I admire greatly Alessandro Del Piero,” he stated.

“Not only because he is a champion on the field, but mainly because he has made history at one club like Juventus. Before being a great footballer, he has proved a great man ".

Napoli Dream

Finally Sinagra revealed that it is his dream to play for Napoli one day, although he has not ruled out moving abroad to Spain, with Valencia reportedly interested.

"As a good Neapolitan there is no doubt the dream to take to the field at San Paolo with the shirt of Napoli,” he said.

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Well if he has no relationship with his dad, theres no reason to idolise him is there?
Why in the world is this a topic on it's own?

Give me a ****ing break.
Why in the world is this a topic on it's own?

Give me a ****ing break.
I was just about to state this too. :nono:
He talks way too much..

A serie D player idolising Del Piero? well maybe they will play together there one day. What a earth shattering topic though
Next thread then will be:

"ToniSamp despises Del Piero" :pp.

Really, what's worthy of making a thread about it?
Thread Closed :)
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