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Well, consider the map on www.genoacfc.it/stadio1.asp

You have to click on the colours and it will be shown the corresponding part of the stadium.

Gradinata Sud is the sector of Sampdoria Fans
Gradinata Nord (also called Merd :D ) is the sector of Genoa Fans
Indeed, both gradinate are occupied exclusively by these supporters just during the Derbies, while there are supporters of samp in gradinata nord and supporters of Genoa in gradinata sud in all the other matches.
Gabbia (cage) and Settore ospiti are the places reserved to the visitors when there are not many supporters following the visitors. Indeed, just one of it is used. Yet, you have to consider that it is a map on a Genoa site, so the one occupied by the visitors of Sampdoria matches is the simmetrical one, the one called "cage" (gabbia). So "gabbia" and "settore ospiti" is the same: they are both "cages" for visitors, depending on the club hosting, Genoa or Samp.
On the same part of the stadium there are the tribunes (expensive) while on the opposite part there are the "distinti" cheaper than tribunes but more expensive than gradinate.
In distinti and tribunes there are (usually but not always) quieter people and of course they are more empty...

In a match vs Roma maybe the cage is not enough to keep all the visitors so maybe other parts of the stadiums are used to keep them.
Skogeta is a season ticket holder so he will tell you something more about what happens with the top clubs visitors.
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