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Manuel Sanchis! 100!

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Do you guys actually know he played his 100th game in the CL last night! Yeah, there is no mistake - in the Champions League! WOW I was overwhelmed when i realised this! HALA Sanchis and del Bosque!!!
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Hail to Sanchis! Thanx del Bosque for letting him play!
Is he anywhere near breaking any record, anyway? E.g. most no. of appearances in CL/la liga...?
yeah i did know this and what i hear he's gonna play one more year in real to beat gentos record of games.
sanchis is good but there is so many other great defenders too.....
I'll drink to that! Salute for Manuel Sanchis!

And BTW Nick, just to correct you-he is now a midfielder..
Yeah! In't it weird? Why is he now a midfielder? Usually it aslways goes the other way round, you know from midfield to defense and now this phenomenon! LOL it's cool and from what we saw in the final he was really good. I mean really.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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