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As soon as the referee blew the final whistle last night, THE GREAT Manuel Jose Da Silva was one of the happiest men in Egypt last night.

He set the record for the biggest victory in the famous Egyptian derby (ranked 5th most dramatic derby in the world by Fifa) when Ahly beat Zamalek 6-1 in front of 85,000 stunned spectators of both teams.

Besides the usual stuff, he said:

"I was hoping that we would score another goal to repeat my 7-1 win over Benfica in 1986, while I was in charge at Sporting Lisbon. After tonight, there are two games that I will never forget in my life, not only one" - Manuel Jose

If Manuel Jose manages to lead our team to a victory next week vs Ismaily, we will almost surely win the league.. And the most amazing thing is, in the beginning of January we were in third position and were about 8 points away from top place Zamalek !

1. Ahly 56 points
1. Ismaily 56 points
3. Zamalek 49 points

Manuel :star:
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