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It may be old, but I thought it still was funny!


Sorry if you can't speak spanish, but I think you can get the idea!

:dielaugh: :dielaugh: :dielaugh:

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:D I recall this one, I can't recall how many people sent this comic to me after the "penalty marchenero" last year. Let's see if I can translate it:

1. The Bernabeu, any Sunday
2. (in English it's the same)
3. =
4. Ref: "Red Card. You broke his boot with a navel hit"
Valencia player: "But... but..."
5. -
6. Ref: "Hands! You've touched the ball with the hands! Penalty!"
7. Valencia goalie: "But... I'm the goalie"
Ref: "Nothing, nothing. Don't come to me with social problems"
8. -
9. Valencia goalie: "Leave me alone! Let me catch the ball"
Ref: "Shut up, you know that I don't allow tugs in the box"
10. -
11. Ref: "Red card for insulting the ref"
12. Valencia player: "I didn't say anything"
Ref: "But you've thought it!!! Go away!"
The "galactico Madriz" won easily the match against the bad loser Valencia
Del Frutal (Bosque): "Hierro is an example for the youngest and blah blah blah"
Today's gift: A poster of the referee!!

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