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Latest new has it that once Atletico deal failed in Mandietta case, Barcelona is the main candidate to sign him up.

Yeta again, because of the magic clause, first year he is supposed to be on loan, just that this time Barca would fork out more money at the sign-up.

What is interesting is his statement (if true) that it will be magnificent to leave Lazio.

one word only.


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laziolover said:
who is mandietta? some youth player perhaps? but if u mean mendieta i say go for aswell
You don't know Mandietta and Fionna?! :eek::D

Back to the topic :tongue:, I think that Mendietta will surely leave and this loan move to Barca seems to be his most likely destination.. and well after his latest comment I guess the best thing to say is Good riddence ;) Hopefully he and Rivaldo will play in the same team next season ;)

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Mendieta's Barca move almost complete Saturday 15 June, 2002


According to reports Lazio and Barcelona have agreed terms for Gaizka Mendieta’s loan to the Spanish Liga.

Talks have been on for several weeks and the main sticking point has been the £7.5m penalty that must be paid to his former club Valencia.

A clause in his contract ensured that the midfielder could not be handed to another Spanish club within 12 months of signing for Lazio.

Barcelona and the Biancocelesti have agreed to split the cost of this penalty equally. Mendieta should move to Barca for one year on loan with an option for a further three seasons.

The player is yet to give his consent as Mendieta is still in Japan and Korea for his country’s World Cup campaign.

Mendieta moved to Lazio last summer for £28m but has failed to settle into Serie A.

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