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I think this is getting out of hand and therefore a few things need to be cleared.

First of all, I owe you an apology.
I called you a rookie and apparently you took it as an insult. I'm sorry for that.

Why did I call you a rookie?

1. Your topic "I feel sorry for you" at the Juve forum was one of the first topics you posted. A topic which most Bianconeri took as an insult.
I can't stand it when people subscribe to these forums and start to insult other people right away. I don't think it's a very good start for a rookie, do you?

2. My first post at your topic was quite civilized.
I didn't defend Bianconeri in particular, but football fans in general.
I would have done the same thing if you would have insulted any other group of fans.
You accused Bianconeri of believing in something which is false.
The way I see it, the most important thing a fan believes in is the team, not the (corrupt) people behind it.
So, what Bianconeri believe in isn't false at all. Even if Moggi wouldn't have bribed the refs (IF that's what he did), Juve still would have been a good team, something worth believing in. Perhaps they wouldn't have been in 1st position right now, but let's not get into that again.
How would you react if some other team's fan would tell you that Lazio, assuming that you believe in them, is false?
I certainly wouldn't appreciate it and that's exactly why I replied the way I did the first time. I simply put myself in their situation.
I expected a rational answer from you, but instead you weren't able to come up with anything more intelligent than "you're a Laziale, but only by name".
Things like that really upset me. Just starting to insult people when they don't agree with you. It says a lot about your social skills.
When I get upset, I sometimes say things (like rookie) I might regret later on. Who doesn't?

By the way, I think the real issue was you being frustrated because of what happened last Sunday. Believe me, I'm upset too, but there's absolutely no reason for taking it out on Bianconeri, simply because they aren't responsible for Moggi's (corrupt) actions.

You've said that calling you a rookie was immature, rude and plain stupid of me and that's why you replied in your way.
My conclusion? Your way isn't very intelligent either. "Again, Lazio DOES not need a fan like you, your home is Delle Alpi". Don't you think writing a sentence like that makes you look just as immature and rude?
Besides, who do you think you are, deciding what Lazio needs or doesn't need?

I personally think that posting that pathetic topic over here was the most immature and rude thing to do.
Instead of just telling me how you feel about me to my face, you tried to set other Laziali on me. A very low and mean thing to do, if you ask me.
Did you really expect me to post my comments at a topic like that? Sorry, but I think it's beneath my dignity.

From what I understood from that topic, "real Laziali" are the ones who care about the team and dislike the opposite team's fans. You're right about the first, but to dislike other people shouldn't be a condition. It's absurd. If I would have to dislike all the people that don't support Lazio, I wouldn't have much friends left. I'm talking about my friends in real life here.
Besides, what would be the next step? Should we all start to dislike black people as well perhaps?

What did strike me was the fact that most replies came from the ones who aren't capable of talking any sense.
The few people who were able to post civilized comments (daeone, oltre-la-morte and ST) were insulted (even in Italian language, very brave!) because of their different opinions.
The results? Another disgusting topic and more angry people. I hope you're proud of yourself.

You didn't mention any names, but expected the ones you were backbiting to recognize themselves.
I must disappoint you. I didn't recognize myself at all, for I do consider myself a "real Laziale". The only two reasons why I got the feeling you were talking about me, were:
- I'm one of the few Laziali who regularly visit the Juve forum;
- I've been the target of your personal attacks from day one.

Your topic leaves me with two questions.
- What's the definition of ass kissing according to you?
- Can you come up with at least one good reason why I shouldn't talk to Bianconeri?

So, you're saying that I'm trying to get something done from Bianconeri, just because I talk to them? Because that's my definition of ass kissing. One uses other people to achieve something in one's advantage. What would that "something in my advantage" be?
Next time you should look up the definition of a word before you start using it.

I certainly don't like Juve, but unlike you, you will never see me use the word the "enemy" when I talk about Juve or its fans. Get real! We're talking about a game here, not a war or something.
You've said that your understanding of real life is so much bigger than mine. A very conflicting remark for someone who calls other people his "enemies", simply because they don't support Lazio. It doesn't show much sense of reality at all.
I'd rather use the word the "opponents", because that's exactly what Juve and its fans are. Nothing more, nothing less.

I visit the Juve forum quite often, simply because there actually are some very nice people over there. People who are able to treat fans of opposite teams with respect, who are able to estimate situations with objectivity, who usually have very interesting conversations and who are able to write a whole post without using bad language or insults.
I will keep on visiting their forum for as long as I like and for as long as they appreciate my presence over there. I know you don't like it, but frankly I couldn't care less.

That's all folks! It's time for the "traitor" to do some more "ass kissing"! ;)



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wow, wow, wow Lazia
Take it easy girl, I didn´t have a clue you could get so upset.

1) "I "accused" Juventus-fans in believing in something false" - WRONG. I said I was sorry for Juve-fans because they believe in something false. There is a big difference.
That is still my opinion. Juve is false, and if you don´t see it you are blinded. If somebody called Lazio false, I would get upset. But I don´t think any Juve-fans would defend OUR Lazio, because thay don´t give a ****. Just like you shouldn´t defend the corrupt zebras.

2) I got upset with you. Ofcourse, I can expect to take **** from Juve fans, but not from somebody with nickname "Lazia". I thought laziali stick together on this forum. Now I understand that only few of them does. That is why my posts to you were rude. I can´t stand juve or juve-fans, but it is worse with Lazio fans going hand in hand with them.

3)About my topic "kissing enemy ass". I tried to see if this forum is worth staying on. Replies from Boyo, Cecco and Reale (sorry if I forgot someone), made me stay on this forum. I like people who are not afraid in telling what they think. People with Lazio in their hearts. People who realize what is going on, and HATE Juventus.

4) THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT ONE. Juventini might be your friends, because for you this is just a game. I can´t stand people who think this is just a game. This is calcio, this is second scudetto being stolen. This is life. Lazio is life. After this season I can´t stand juve-merda beiing in my presence. My love for Lazio is too big for that. Loving Lazio and hating Juventus and Roma and Milan goes hand in hand. If you don´t, then for you it is "just a game".
Now I am upset again, because we shouldn´t even talk. It is game for you and a life for me. Big difference, that is why our posts are different as well.
I was thinking about writing some more, but I am too upset now. "Just a game"...
Anyway you will not be the target of my posts/topics again. Don´t worry, I´ll not enter the juve forum again.

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Lazia, after reading your post I'm even more convinced that you're a rubentino del cazzo or romista de merda!!!

J-man, sho, sho, ussa via!!!


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it is too bad see Laziales fight each other, especially in juve's forum .... what will they say if we don't have unity???

I don't wnnat accuse who is wrong and who is right, basically we are Lazio fans and we care about this team, so no matter who you are, where are you come from, and even how many post have you written, you are Laziale .... that's why sometimes I feel sorry for those all who always underestimate rookie ..... because all of us started from rookie right ? maube except Jan and Debs, maybe also Mattias :D :D :D

This doesn't mean Lazia is the wrong side, she did right, she said you are a 'rookie' based on your topic not your post (Mancini) :) :) :) :)

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Cecco, Lazia IS 100% guaranteed Laziale!

As much as I love your sometimes very rude comments, I think you need to read Lazia's post much much better, cause she is totally right with what she says and the meaning of it all.

I have got some friends who are for Juventus, but just because I am a Laziale, does this mean I should stop seeing them!?

I dont think so.

great post lazia. ain´t know question about
the fact that bull**** is bull**** no matter what pretext or under which pretense it is said. it´s good hear a voice of reason.


it ain´t over...

Keep your head up Lazia and hold it high. It seems some of our fellow Lazio fans still live in the stone age. It takes all kinds but at least we all have a model of how not to be. You are clearly a model of how we should be. I cast my lot with you and you are truly a lady. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO APOPLOGIZE FOR TO ANYONE HERE.

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Solution: ignore stupid remarks.

Just don't react, don't spend your time on aswering insulting, empty posts.
I don't know, but discussing with this people is a waste of time.
Let them be the 'I don't tolerate anyone 200% real Laziale'.

My god, this is pathetic!
Maybe me should ask Jan to start a ' baby forum'. Discription: 'if you are a pathetic no-brain loser, you can insult eachother for no reason overhere'.


Well done, Lazia!

I agree with you 100%--a true fan is someone who respects not only his/her own team, but respects other fans as well...if only there were more poeople like you. *Sigh*

Hey hey, Rollo!

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I would like to not see insults and **** every third word in this LAZIO forum so I totally agree with most of you.
But as Mancini said, there is a difference between people who lives for/with Lazio and people who thinks this is just a game.

By saying this I don't, in any way, accept that those who live for/with Lazio insults those who thinks football is just a game.

Please try to respect each other, although I know myself that it sometimes can be hard to keep yourself clam when you think someone has the "wrong" ideas/opinions.

And to Cecco and Reale (I would have liked to not mention names but…. hehe :)) I would like to ask you to not scare away all the new people joining the forum. Most of them write their first post about transfers (most about those who should leave Lazio…) and stuff like that, if you see that they haven't posted many times, take it easy with them. So instead of writing ***** and so on, maybe you both could explain to him/her what it means to be a Laziale without scaring him to death so he/she doesn't come back to the LAZIO forum.

Thanks for reading this and I hope that you could try to follow this as good as possible ! :)

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