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Manchester United is targeting Barcelona's Dutch striker Patrick Kluivert

Barcelona would accept 15 million pounds
($22.5 million) for the 23-year-old Kluivert, it's also reported that Arsenal was also tracking him.

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now everybody wants him,when van gaal left
man utd have 4 very great forwards so what would happen to them if kluivert would join?
i think he'll stay im pretty sure of that...
hey driver x,you always make a lot of rumours but when i respond them you never reply,why?
you have been here for a long time and seem to know alot about football,but you are not moderator anywhere,have you never thought about it?

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A little while ago, Milan had some interest in him. At that time, he said he wouldn't mind going back to Italy.
A few days ago, a Dutch reporter interviewed him. He said his future and the other Dutch players' future is uncertain, because of Van Gaal leaving Barcelona.
Juventus is interested in him, as a replacement for F.Inzaghi, whom is said to be leaving.

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