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Manchester United has decided to restrict their association with the female sport to just the coaching of girls up to the age of 16 through the club's community scheme.

According to Philip Townsend, United's director of communications, "Our aims in the women's game are best served by concentrating on youngsters. We want to be community based and our resources are better deployed at the level of school-age children rather than adults."

Ray Kiddell, the vice-chairman of the Football Association, who heads the FA’s women’s football committee, is surprised by the decision.

“It’s very disappointing. The progress of women's football can be really helped by professional clubs taking women's teams under their umbrella and it's a blow to the game that a great club like Manchester United will no longer be doing this."

I think the situation would have been different if Manchester had a ladies' team that was a force in the women's Premier League. Sadly, however, their side is not even in the Premiership, which is dominated by the teams from Charlton, Arsenal, Everton, and Leeds.
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