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We can get both ......we are selling Cole ans Solksjaer for 20 million - leeds willing to pay 10 million for solksjaer.
Selling Berg will ge a couple of million oso ...then sell Bosnich or Taibi for a couple of million also

Nistelrooy(18m) Salas(10m)

Giggs Scholes Keane Beckham

Neville Stam Campbell(18 m) Neville

Toldo (15m) or Buffon

we need 50 million for purchases .....
total amount for sales
solksjaer 10 million
cole 10 million
berg 1 million
bosnich 4 million
Taibi 3 million

so we need 60 - 28 .....32 million for next season available

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