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Man Utd best team award in all sports?

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I read that Manchester United won the best team award along with Tiger Woods as Sportsman of the year...and Pele won a Lifetime Achivement award.
I think that is a credit to football in general and to Man Utd, which although may not have been successful as some have hoped for or not hoped for.
Although the season is pretty much over, the transfer market, especially for a goalkeeper and defender is no where near over. So if Man Utd find good players to add strength and depth to the team and next year should be even better than this year.
Oh and about next year, Vodafone will be the shirt sponser right? I have heard very little about this recently...any updates?

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Man utd. winning this award is a slap in the face for the multitude of teams who comfortably beat them over the course of the year. Lazio destroyed them in the super cup. Real played them off the pitch in the CL as did Fiorentina, Palmeiras showed them up at a world level. They won a cruise league full of talanted cup teams and insulted their own country by refusing to participate in its prime cup contest while playing in its secondary one. Granted they won the intercontinental cup but wasn't this down to bosnichs saves.
How they won over McLaren I'll never know
Look shrapnel!
man utd wasnt crashed by any team so get lost!!!
if you are a utd fan that i dont get you, if you aren't one what the hell are you doing in the man utd forum?

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I remember a couple of trashings over the season. 5-0, Chelsea and Newcastle ring any bells? :)

Seriously, as a Liverpool fan it is painful to see United being so succesful during the 90's, but I credit them being a very good side. They probably won the Team award based on last seasons achievements!
Yea Vadimtu even if a person isn't a Man Utd supporter they can still post here, even if you don't agree with them or what they say is really unfair to the club. But its still their opinion and we're all entilted to one.
Anyway Man Utd wasn't completly outplayed by any team this season, with the rare exceptions- especially the Real Quarter finals, Chelsea 5-0 (but we comprehensivly beat them second time around) oh and the Lazio 1-0 is NOT one of them :)

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