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Man United vs AC Milan

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This game will be huge. Bring em on
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There is always next year lads ;) It is after all honourable to go out against the Champs.
Your right. Keep saying that, when you get knocked out.
We played really well against them in the Champions World Series. Then got hit by a last minute goal and lost on penalties. Of course, it is just a friendly.
Best of all.....

We'll get to sing the Yip Jaap Stam chant again. :D

Tickets will be like gold dust though.
Doesn't it seem like the pitted all the best teams against eachother in this draw?

I am sure this will be 2 games to remember, regardless of who wins.:)
hahaha I just saw it. Great avatar khimik.
A mouth watering match. :lick:
Of all the big teams, the only one who has yet to taste Il Diavolo's insatiable appetite is indeed the Devil's little cousin, the Red Devils. :devil: You may be a cousin of the real Devil, but make no mistake. Il Diavolo will have no mercy on its path to its ultimate goal: # 7!:stuckup::devil:

Good luck lads, you'll need a handful of it...;)


Only the sky knows who wil win this one,it wil be great...
Guys any Milan fan planning to go to Manchester? What will be the availability of tickets?
We always seem to play well against Italian teams, especially in the last few years. We must brush aside Juventus with ease everytime we meet them :D . Milan will be a tough nut to crack, we'll need all our players at their very best if we are to advance. If they can't mark Rooney out of the game, we should go through.

It'll be interesting to see how cafu and maldini deal with our quick football and powerful forwards (Rooney and Ruud). I think we have enough to go through, but as i said, only if we play to our best.

They probably play the most defensive brand of "attacking football" i have ever seen but what do you expect from a league that is so defensive? There definately more entertaining than Juve, so both games should be good spectacles.
Russell said:
They probably play the most defensive brand of "attacking football" i have ever seen but what do you expect from a league that is so defensive? s.
Yeah, that's why 'defensive' Milan, juve and Roma all scored a lot more goals than ManUre last year :rolleyes:
Are you refering to goal deficits? they tend to concede alot less :)
Will Fergie be checking under the pasta? :howler: ;)
Russell said:
Are you refering to goal deficits? they tend to concede alot less :)
there is a BIG difference between 'defensive' teams and attacking teams who have four GOOD DEFENDERS - though in the premiership, until maybe chelsea this year, there were no teams with more than one or two good defenders, so I'm used to the confusion.
Stam will be fit for this tie by then.
Beware of the curse called "The revenge of the ex" ;)
After browsing the forums I sense the Milan fans are confident they will go through. It is almost like they are underestimating the dangers Manchester United can bring to them. They focus on what THEIR team can do, but seem to forget the incredible dangers Man u can pose to them.

They keep focusing on the danger of Shevchenko and how he will slaghter us, and so forth. So one man then ? Shevchenko is a danger yes, but Ronaldo playing on form is devastating. Remember him in euro 2004 ? Then there is Giggs on the other side, who on a good day can cause any defence in the world a headache. What about the threat of Ruud ? He constantly scores in europe and is no doubt one of the best in the world. Or how about if Rooney has a good game ? He is still young but his potential to cause problems can never be underestimated. At the moment being so young his form is in and out, but I suspect for such a big game against Milan, he will be in the right mind set and ready to cause the Milan defence problems.

Truth is both sides are very good, and I know the fact that we have been a little inconsistent this season, I find it interesting that some people would underestimate the potential danger that exists within the Man utd ranks. If our team is on form we can beat anyone, and by a few goals. And yes I do believe that. All I see this season is that we are in transition, but come the day of the Milan games I think if they are all in form we have the potential to score 2 or 3 past Milan at old trafford, but we shall see what kind of form we are in come the day.

Anyhow, glad we got Milan, I have been waiting to meet them since the early 90's! Great club meeting another great club.
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