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Man U - Bayer 04

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I don't know if anyone watched this game, but I thought it was class that Leverkusen supporters were singing YNWA all throughout the second half. Is there a football fan in Europe who doesn't know the words? :D

In any case, hats off to the cheeky gits.
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While we will continue to play safety first tatics as long as Houllier is still in charge. When I meant attacking, I do not mean playing like Keegan's Newcastle. Just because U see Pires, Bergkamp, Henry, Roosterhead pouring foreward doesn't mean Arsenal are going to ship in 4 goals every matches.
When its time to defend, by all means defend with stability and calmness.
When it is time to attack, please use some initiative and brains in attacks, Liverpool. Although we are becoming more attack minded in recent matches, I HOPE IT WILL IMPROVE. I do not want to see 1. Long Balls 2. Players getting the ball and making all the obvious passes. Risk will have to be taken.

And when I meant taking risk doesn't mean that we will compromise our defence. Its the other way round.

Just because we have a superb defence + Hamann, it allows more risks to be taken and as a result, we have more creative play with the knowledge that the backline will clear up most of the mistakes.

I am not so sure how is Houllier going to built a so called "Hardworking side" next season when Man U get their act together. Obviously Hardwork is very important. But it is just one of the factors to a Championship winning team. We can have a flair player like Cantona directing things or we can play like Blackburn, two wingers and two towering strikers in S and S. Even in Graham days, the full backs overlapped quite a bit to make the 4-4-2 system work.

Our style is based on neither. We have no playmaker. (Every counterattacking side I know of have a playmaker, Valencia - Aimar, Italy - Totti, Romania - Hagi). Counterattacking is a continental style, I have rarely seen English team use it, Apart from Man U and Arsenal. Arsenal have continental players so it doesn't matter. The problem with Liverpool so called counter attacking style is that, whenever the strikers get the ball, they just run straight at goal, that normal if the defenders are half witted like Phil Neville. Owen and Heskey would just run past them like knie to butter.

But if the opposition defence puts up a brick wall, the strikers should pass rite? But when would they try to make the intelligent pass to the onrushing midfielder on goal? Or do we have any onrushing midfielder on goal? I know Arsenal have, That Rooster head. Apart from Riise, I can't seem to think of any, and Riise is not the most intelligent runner in tight spaces either. And Anelka is not very passing friendly, he tries to shoot at impossible angles instead of being smart. Heskey is more of a supplier, that's fine with me, but obviously Houllier will soon entertain the ideas of making Heskey a "goal poacher"

Or When the midfielders gets the balls, they do not know what to do with it and just pass the ball around in circles. No one knows what to do with the ball. In a counter attacking team, every player knows his role, they attack in one coherent formation. Only Hamann is prolly good enough to play the counter attack on his own without any prompting, being trained at the Munich school of excellence. When Hamann gets the ball, he loves to put in those snap shot passes, so does Jari (If he plays). However nobody is running from midfield. And when someone does runs at goal, if it is Owen, it is fine, U can trust him to do something out of it. If it is Heskey, he will run with the ball cause a lot of touble but eventually he will deliver a poor ball. If it is Murphy and Berger, they will miscontrol the ball before anything is made of it. When Smicer gets the ball, he can be brilliant with it or just loses it altogether. And we can't trust Xavier and Carragher to overlapp.

Thus, half the time we would just launch the balls to the pace of Owen and Heskey. The other half the time, we just pass and pass and hope for a lucky break (E.g Owen's goal against Derby).

Why we won the treble last season?
If draws can get you through, why not?

So why we are still with a chance of winning the title?
Of the qualities needed to be consisnt and win the titles. Quality of players, defensive plan, atacking plan, flair and craft and luck, Man U lack the most important quality defence. Before you tell me that I am contradicting myself, I too value defence above all else. But a successful team must have the best sum to every qualities above. If giving up a little bit of being cautious means giving the flair and craft a huge addition, y not? Its all about balance.

The way we are playing, we are better suited to getting draws then anything else. Had a draw been 2.5 points, who am I to argue? But it isn't and to win, we must be positive when attacking without attacking ALL THE time and pushing 9 men into attack.

I do not doubt that we have the best tream of the season, even better then Man U and Arsenal. Until we fully utilize the playing staff ability, we are going to find ourself chasing the team with London and the team from Manchester with London fans. (look at Libero, he is from Kent, isn't he? Or was it Beefy?)

Who cares if Wenger or Houllier makes misakes in the transfer market, it is hardly going to upset the club finances, we can sign a million Jean Marc Ferris on Free Transfer and Wenger can sign a million Diawaras. As long as it is not going to break a hole in the bank, I do not care as long as the first 11 + 5 subs my manager fields every week is worthy of being fielded. Its their money not mine.

I am not sure what is Houllier trying to do if he buys Emerton. We already have Murphy, Emerton is not going to be a huge plus to the team. He might add a bit more solidity in defence without adding much to the attack, that is not what I want

Barmby is still on the bench kicking his heel. Duff is different, he will represent a huge improvement towards our problem of attack. If we are sacrificing a bit of Defensive solidity like Murphy for a huge improvement in attack like Duff, I am all for it. Of cos I expect Duff to track back and put some pressure on the opposition wingers, but I do not want to see him as the 2nd Right back or 2nd Left back.
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I agree that "Risk will have to be taken" but the amount depends on the quality of the opposition. Sometimes we are too scare to risk with very weak teams.

If there is only one play marker in a counter-attack team, it's dangerous because too much duty on his shoulder, marking him closely will cut the support to the strikers. Not only Hamman has ability to deliver the ball, Steven Gerrard is also well known about it, Berger can do it (the second goal in the FA final) and Murphy sometimes.

I think not too bad as Mindscape described. In some matches, when the game is balance, for instances, games with Manu or Newscatle, we can make a string of short passes and got a convinced victory. But it is not often.

What the Liverpool are lack is attacking, not counter-attack. We are lack of someone who can make go in tight space. After causing a problem for defenders, he must make a good strike or deliver an assist. Berger can do it in the past but now his shooting is terrible. Smicer is too less zigzag and changing speed or dirrection.

Another thing we lost in this year is long short. I cannot remember any goal from the long short this year ! Where is Gerrard or Hamman when the ball is cleared out box? I have no chance to check it. The ability as ProZone in the Liverpool website is fanstastic for this task.

Hou+Phil play nearly the same first team for the whole year. And Liv lost the benefit of extra subsitutions. Last year, subsitutions made a great impact on the game. We were the team of 11+3. What happens ? It is the quality of players in substitution. Berger is struggling with injuries. Mac losts his form. Smicer is unconsistency. Barmby is absent whole season. Rednapp and Biscan is not believed by coaches. Who will make an extra power from the midfield when there is a tired leg? No one ! I was suprised when Hou signed Anelka, a striker, instead of a midfielder. Sometimes, he plays three strikers with Heskey as left-mid of right-mid (with Arsenal) but it does not work well.

Hou saw it and he make a look at a list of midfield. Bowyer, Duff, Emerton, ... The departure of Rednapp is a clear indication of a new age. Liv now is in a new position, we play in Europe more often, we have more money. Thus, a average player have to go if he does not accept to be a substitute for other top players. We will have some top names in new year. And the future is bright.
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Jern Lizardhous said:
new players like Abel Xavier :confused: Jamie Carragher :confused:
Carragher bought??!!! He's the same as Gerrard and Owen and Wright.. came through the ranks.. from what I remember.. he even scored on his debut against Aston Villa (If I'm not mistaken)..

To say the truth.. I can't actually say if we'll change from this style to another.. it actually would be a bit clearer by who GH opts to buy in the summer.. Personally, I think there has been an improvement on our form in December.. not only in terms of results.. but in terms of attacking ideas..

Changing our defence would be like working on a chapter in a book you're writing, for three years.. only to throw it away after it's complete!! I couldn't think of a better defensive unit (which is what they are there for)..

My area of improvement is midfield.. Hamann is great but aging.. I'd say a year or two are all he has left.. while Murphy needs to raise everything in his game (except hard work and commitment.. he's great there :)).. as for the others.. (excluding Gerrard and Litti).. I think they should all go.. Macca is as good as gone.. Smicer and Berger have proven they are past their best.. Barmby.. well.. It's sad to say that a whole year recovering is bringing back memories of Jamie Redknapp!!.. And Biscan hasn't been able to win a 1st team place all year!!!..

I think the fact that GH has gone for a 4-3-3 (against Newcastle with Heskey more of a left winger).. and diamond 4-1-2-1-2 against Sunderland does show that Liverpool have started to open up and go for more offence.. the fact that he actually played Litti does bring some optimism back to us :)
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The point was Liverpool playing like Leverkusen.I know your defence is well drilled and good at stopping but Nowotny,Lucio,Placente and Sebescen are all good footballers takes a little bit from the defence but adds to the attack.:(
Unless you find eleven George Bests you've got to choose whether to stick or bust buying people like Kewell and Overmars would seriously compromise your defence.Is Houllier willing to do that?
I'd say the only way he would do that is playing with only one forward ;)
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