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Man U - Bayer 04

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I don't know if anyone watched this game, but I thought it was class that Leverkusen supporters were singing YNWA all throughout the second half. Is there a football fan in Europe who doesn't know the words? :D

In any case, hats off to the cheeky gits.
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If Liverpool want to play like Lever they need to out their whole defence plus Danny Murphy,they are good stoppers but all hate the ball.
You need players who love the ball to play that way.When i watch Liverpool the defenders seem to be clueless at playing.

Will Houllier change your style?
IMO no chance whatsoever.

He has made his intentions clear and the Anfield faithful will have to live with it :(

Sacking him now would be your best bet ;)
new players like Abel Xavier :confused: Jamie Carragher :confused:

Your one footballing full back Wright gets stuck in the reserve team :eek:

Houllier bought Heskey
I think he made his footballing philosophy quite clear with that move :(

Just face the facts some men like playing rubbish football :(

Howard Wilkinson,George Graham,Gerard Houl :confused:

He's been lucky to have two great players like Gerrard and Owen to come through :(

Anelka was great at the Arsenal do you know why ?

because of Bergkamps passing ;)

Litmanen is rotting on the bench :(

explains to me a lot about Houllier :(
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The point was Liverpool playing like Leverkusen.I know your defence is well drilled and good at stopping but Nowotny,Lucio,Placente and Sebescen are all good footballers takes a little bit from the defence but adds to the attack.:(
Unless you find eleven George Bests you've got to choose whether to stick or bust buying people like Kewell and Overmars would seriously compromise your defence.Is Houllier willing to do that?
I'd say the only way he would do that is playing with only one forward ;)
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